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look, mom! i've done been interviewed!

So [ profile] pendrecarc (who is an awesome person) is doing an interview series for the female character focused Holmesian comm [ profile] furtherinterest (which is an awesome comm) and if you go here (for livejournal, which is occasionally awesome) or here (for dreamwidth, which I rarely use but still find pretty awesome) you can read the questions she asked me, and the answers I gave. I think her summary says it best: 

The author of "The Anatomist" bares all!

Her COMPLICATED RELATIONSHIP with rough drafts...!
The Sherlock fic she's PANTING TO READ...and
A TANTALISING GLIMPSE into her current WIP!!!

Meanwhile, your intrepid moderator tries very hard to pretend this is an episode of "Fresh Air", and by a supreme effort of willpower the conversation does not devolve into Laurie R. King fangirling and odes to Peter Wimsey's monocle.

It is actually very much like an episode of Fresh Air, I think, only with more discussion of sociopathy, genderswap, magic, and what a weird dude Arthur Conan Doyle was. Basically, there is awesomeness. Oh, and a number of unfortunate attempts on my part to be witty and/or insightful. The and is the worst. Oh boy, that and.


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