rosa_acicularis: (abed as vampyr)
rosa_acicularis ([personal profile] rosa_acicularis) wrote2011-08-04 08:52 pm
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I'm writing yet another Doctor/Rose vampire AU. that is why this is happening.

[Poll #1767204]I asked [ profile] tricksterquinn this question, and she was all, "Um, no? But maybe it only seems that way to me because I'm a secret government assassin who looks Death in the face every fucking day. Sometimes we have staring contests, and so far I HAVE WON EVERY TIME." But I was all, "Whatever, what do you know, secret assassin![ profile] tricksterquinn. I'm totally obsessed with blood spurts and evil and murders and stuff. I'm dark, man. I'm gonna go ask some other people, and they will back me up on this."

Come on, other people. Back me up on this.

ETA: Oops. Wasn't supposed to mention the secret government assassin thing. Damn. I totally pinky-swore on that one, too.

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