rosa_acicularis: (abed as vampyr)
rosa_acicularis ([personal profile] rosa_acicularis) wrote2011-09-26 08:01 am

six seasons and a movie!

So my mother, my aunt, and I are moving in together at the end of the month with our collective five dogs and decades worth of baggage both literal and emotional, but it is also that most wonderful time of year when 1) Portland turns into a rain-ridden, gloom-filled purgatory, and 2) we get NEW EPISODES OF COMMUNITY. I think that if someone opened my skull, dissected my brain, and then used their results to design a television sitcom specifically to please me, that sitcom would be Community. The first glorious episode of the third glorious season only confirmed that:

Basically, if you don't already, watch Community. It is the actual best thing.

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