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no seriously, girl. turn off that red light.

Things and stuff:

1) I moved last week, and have since discovered that unpacking in a new house is vastly preferable to packing in your old house. I wasn't fully aware of this fact, as I somehow managed never to fully unpack in the last three places I've lived.

2) I have feeeelings about the Who series finale, but I have yet to find the words to articulate them. Maybe I will just rewatch the episode and then take pictures of my expressions as I grapple with the wonderful terrible incoherent mess that was...whatever that episode was called. The Wedding of River Song! Oh, River. I finally want to write fic about you. This is not necessarily a good sign.

3) I have been reading Dances with Dragons forever, but I never seem to get any closer to the middle, much less the end. Every day I read a few fantastic, soul-crushing chapters, and every night George R.R. Martin sneaks into my bedroom while I sleep and adds about 100 more eye-jelly filled pages. That George. The man loves his eye-jelly.

4) I've taken to watching Tangled as my pre-bedtime, post-eye-jelly soother. Soon I will know all the dialogue and begin muttering the lyrics of the songs in my sleep, alarming any jolly multi-millionaire fantasy writers who just happen to be passing through. Fic recommendations are highly appreciated; I've already read everything on AO3, but I figure there must be more somewhere.

5) The past two and a half months have been my longest writing dry spell in a long damn time. To be fair, the process of finding a house and moving into it has been rather time consuming, but I'm perturbed by my complete lack of motivation on all my various WIPs. (WsIP.) I'm seriously considering giving NaNoWriMo a shot this year -- I've planned to do it before, but always got distracted by fic before noon on the 1st. We'll see. That Portland hipster werewolf novel isn't going to write itself.

6) Community gave us another stellar episode this week. Whenever I think of it, I am filled with love and mini-pies. (They taste just like regular sized pies.)

7) I am trying to teach myself to like yogurt. It is not a pleasant process.
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every night George R.R. Martin sneaks into my bedroom while I sleep and adds about 100 more eye-jelly filled pages.

Oh, my god, this explains so much. And yet I do not stop reading. *sighs*

I'm thinking of using NaNo to finish my WiPs. I think I've left it too late to plan an original novel, anyway.

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I'm thinking of using NaNo to finish my WiPs.

This is what I absolutely should be doing, but I also really want to force myself to write more original and less fan fic. But then again, I also really want to finish something for once. Quite the dilemma.

I think I've left it too late to plan an original novel, anyway.

Pssh. Just make it up as you go along. That's what NaNo is for, right? ;)

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TTU is doing a REWATCH, Rose. YOU SHOULD JOIN IT. It's v. relaxed, so whenever you can watch would be fine, but there are discussion posts and even though no one's really engaged with each other to the fangirlish extent we were hoping for yet, we are only on the second episode so there are still chances. AND WHAT IS BETTER THAN VISITING THE DOCTOR AND ROSE AGAIN EVERY WEEK RIGHT. Practically nothing. Plus: fic.

A new house! I love the idea of new houses. Are there lots of windows and sunshine? This is a staple in my idea of new houses that cannot be put aside.

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TTU is doing a REWATCH, Rose.

I KNOW AND IT LOOKS AMAZING. And I absolutely would join in, but 1) I have no idea where in all these boxes my Who DVDs are, and 2) I'm just not feeling the Doctor/Rose these days. I know, I know, a horrible thing to say, but even with all the wonderful prompts and ideas you guys share I am just utterly exhausted on Who inspiration. I'm sure it's only temporary, though!

Are there lots of windows and sunshine?

There are certainly a good number of windows, but sunshine is a bit hard to come by in Oregon this time of year. I use mood lamps instead. ;)
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I had mixed emotions as I watched that episode of Community. It seemed messy and I wasn't sure it was going to have a point. I was sold in the section where Troy got the pizza, though. And in the very last vignette, I got the point. I love that show so much.

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It does come together wonderfully at the end, doesn't it? I think it's up there with the bottle episode as one of my all time favorites.

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I very much admire your yogurt determination.

Good luck with the new house!

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Yogurt is a dirty business.

Good luck with the new house!

Thank you! I think I'm going to need it. ;)

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Tangled is SO GOOD!!
Also, def. do NaNo! I will be your buddy if you need one! Buddys are good. They make you write when you'd rather watch TV. (Which I do. All the time.

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NaNo buddies it is! You can never have too many NaNo buddies; there's safety in numbers. ;)