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rosa_acicularis ([personal profile] rosa_acicularis) wrote2011-11-29 10:55 am
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this is not a post about my NaNo word count. because that would be depressing.

So, translation ace Tenar has taken on and completed the not undaunting task of translating all eleven ridiculous chapters of my Doctor Who fic But Broken Lights into Russian! Which is pretty badass. I can't read the translation myself, sadly, but those of you that can should check it out here.

Also, speaking of translated fics: Over the years I seem to have lost track of my list of links to other fic translations done by Tenar and others, and I'd like to link to them in my fic masterlist. So if you've ever translated my fic before - thanks again for being awesome, and I'd be much obliged if you'd comment here with the link, send it to me in a pm, or e-mail me.

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