Feb. 9th, 2011

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I have loved a lot of television shows in my time, but tonight, watching last week's episode of Community - this is the first time I have ever loved a show so intensely that I think I might actually be physically ill.

This is probably because it's after midnight and I couldn't laugh nearly as loudly as this episode physically requires without waking everyone up, but SWEET JESUS, my stomach hurts and my head aches and really, I almost burst into tears at one point, so intense was my adoration for every fucking hilarious second of this show. My knowledge of Dungeons and Dragons is practically nil, but this ep perfectly captured so many things I love about Community - its optimism and insanity and its transcendent delight in the wonder and power of the human imagination. It proves week after week that friendship is one of most engaging and undervalued relationships in television, and I DON'T EVEN KNOW ANYMORE I AM JUST ECSTATIC AND FILLED WITH JOY FOR ALL THINGS.

I really need to do love!posts for all the amazing television I've seen recently - Community, The Good Wife, Parks and Recreation, Being Human (UK), Fringe - but every time I think about it I become paralyzed by pure, manic enthusiasm. 

In short: If you are not watching Community, do. It will make you so happy you will throw up a little in your mouth.    


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