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ewe wee ewe dooooctor whoooo

Merry not-quite-Christmas-anymore, folks! I hope those that celebrate had a wonderful holiday, and that those who don't experienced an above-average Saturday.

ALSO THERE WAS DOCTOR WHO AND IT WAS GORGEOUS IN CASE YOU DIDN'T NOTICE. OH, SHOW. Just when I think I'm out, you pull me back in. By my ankles. And you make me like it.

Also, I'm pretty sure I've already started writing fic about Abigail Pettigrew, thus continuing my long-standing tradition of writing absurdly long backstories for characters Steven Moffat mostly ignores. If only this were something I could make a career out of.

ALSO ALSO, while I would never have a favorite Doctor, not ever how dare you even think it, Eleven might sort of be my new one. If I did have a favorite. WHICH I DON'T.

This post has been brought to you by two glasses of heavily-spiked eggnog. Don't drink and macro, kids.

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Jeepers, if that thing was in the cupboard, I would be getting out so fast, even if it meant missing a trip to Narnia. Macro of win!

People do make real life money writing novels and such about mostly ignored characters. It just tends to be about characters who are out of copyright (e.g. Rosencrantz & Guildenstern), not Steven Moffat's cast-offs. Silly copyright laws.

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I've been trying to tell myself that because I call mine a closet and not a cupboard, it is face-spider free. DO NOT DISILLUSION ME.

Silly copyright laws.

I could make a list of under-written female characters in the public domain and try writing about them instead. That shouldn't take too long, should it?

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Hahahahahaha! How is it Moffat packs so much into throwaway lines and one-shot characters? Or, at least, makes us *think* so much about them?

I admit I was surprised how happy I was to see Eleven. He isn't my favorite, but I love him quite dearly, it turns out. ;-)

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Throwaway lines are Moffat's bread and butter. Damn, but that episode was hilarious.

Of course, now that I've sobered up a bit and thought things through I spent the whole day randomly shouting, SO MANY PEOPLE FROZEN IN BOXES BY GREEDY TYRANT WHILE DOCTOR DID NOTHING WHYYYYYY at random passersby. Some found this confusing.

You just know that if that had been an RTD episode there would've been a big emotional climatic scene in which thousands of people who've been frozen for years are released at once, while weeping and hugging and telling rapturous stories about a Messiah in a bowtie.

I can't quite tell if the comparison leaves me feeling nostalgic or relieved.

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Okay, upon further thought I retract my comment about the Doctor not doing anything about the People in Ice Boxes, because he obviously did, in the end. I suppose it was more that the episode treated it like it didn't really matter - like when the children who did poorly in school were fed to the Star Whale in the Beast Below.

All right. I'm shutting up now. ;)

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No, I think that's right, and in fitting with how I read Eleven in general. He *appears* to care less about things like that, doesn't do a bunch of the (showy) freaking out that Ten used to do. However, I think he works at it in this quieter way. It's like his connection really is through the personal--the single being--like he can't handle TOO MUCH all at once. Which makes sense if you think of how in-over-his-head Ten felt almost all the time. I like the idea that Eleven's like, "I can't do everything, I will save this creature, and then that creature, and hopefully this will trigger chain reactions everywhere to make the world a better place."

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Yeah, that was one of the things that confused me the most about the episode, why the Doctor didn't seem concerned about rescuing everyone else and, indeed, never even mentioned it. I've decided that he thought that if he could change Kazran, Kazran would release everyone of his own volition, and the Doctor was mostly focused on saving the spaceship and so figured that the rest would just naturally follow. I like to believe that Kazran *did* release everyone else after enjoying his last day with Abigail.

Someone wrote somewhere that Eleven seems focused on the *personal* (saving everyone by saving the one person) while Ten was more focused on the *universal* (saving everyone, sometimes at the expense of saving the one person). I think this was another example of that, that Eleven focused on Kazran and thought that would work, whereas I think Ten might have sacrificed Kazran in order to get to everyone else.

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You just know that if that had been an RTD episode there would've been a big emotional climatic scene in which thousands of people who've been frozen for years are released at once, while weeping and hugging and telling rapturous stories about a Messiah in a bowtie.

Ha! Yes! Eleven is definitely growing on me, and I enjoyed this special more than I was expecting to.

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I thin I'm going to have to watch this special again. Maybe its a consequence of having watched New who backward but ... I'm suddenly having a hard time believing Eleven is the Doctor!! Gasp!

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Eleven is the Doctor! I know because he has an absurd dress sense, loves the sound of his own voice, and is awkward around girls.