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the state of all things ficly: self-indulgent edition.

So you guys may or may not have noticed, but I suck at finishing WIPs. (Should really be WsIP, I suppose, but that's just ridiculous. WIPs it is.) Part of my problem is that in the last two years or so I've become entirely unable to keep stories within the scope in which I originally conceive them - they just get longer and longer, and while I always promise myself I'll wait until they're complete to start posting, the truth is I probably wouldn't post anything at all if I held myself to that. Component Parts is a good example - for the two months or so while I was working on that fic on a daily basis, I was still totally consumed by all things Star Trek. But you know what happened? Two months went by and the fic was getting more and more ambitious, and I suddenly all I wanted to think about was Arthurian legend and this absurdly epic Merlin fic I'd started by accident one night. That turned into The Goose Girl, which while technically complete was meant to be followed by two more stories of equal length all about Arthur becoming king and Merlin finding out that Bess was Nimueh and then the whole Lady of the Lake Mordred insanity, and oh I had such plans. Then I started a little Journey's End fic called Tomorrow Is a Long Time, and I was off again.

So. If you're curious (and even if you aren't, which is more likely) here's a rundown of my WsIP file, and those fics that I expect to emerge from it, blinking into the light, and those which will probably rot there, dessicated and forgotten. Yummy.

Fics that are positively, absolutely, undeniably, and reliably dead:

Tomorrow - A series two set Doctor Who groundhog day fic.
Last updated: August 2007. Seriously, people. This sucker is internet ancient.
Why it's dead: I don't remember a thing about what was supposed to happen in this story, and all of my notes were lost two computers ago. I know that there was a broken time machine that was looping time, and for some reason Rose remembers the loops while the Doctor doesn't. Stealing enthusiastically from that marvelous episode of Stargate SG-1 episode with precisely the same plot, Rose would have to learn to turn off the machine herself over the course of many, many loops, and would be forced to explain the situation to the Doctor each time. I love the idea, and it has lots of comedic and dramatic possibilities, but my current level of interest is a 0. Well, maybe a 2. It is a Groundhog's Day fic, after all.

Heartbreak Hotel - The sequel to But Broken Lights that will never be.
Last updated: Never. BBL was posted in, like, 1989 or something. It's old. 
Why it's dead: Again, I have no idea what I had planned for this fic. That's not entirely true - I remember that it was going to be an interspecies and intergalactic beauty pageant, and I had a bunch of original characters worked out, and a number of mysterious murders that had something to do with a former beauty queen hidden inside the walls of the hotel. I think Rose and Doctor were also going to bump into Six and Peri at the end; I have no idea why. The romantic conclusion to the BBL arc was actually going to come in a third fic, in which...the Doctor lost his voice? Or something? These ideas did not sound quite so idiotic at the time.

Chrysalis - The fourth story in the Amor Mundi series.
Series last updated: With Of Monsters, April 2009.
Why it's dead: Talk about having grand plans - I'm so invested in the developments that were meant to come in this story that I still don't want to tell you guys about them, even though I know it'll never be finished. The Master and an increasingly demented, god-like Rose traveling the universe in a TARDIS named Larry, searching for a way to kill off the Bad Wolf before Rose loses control altogether - yeah, I'm not going to say another word. Just in case.

Fics I haven't touched in ages, but totally intend to finish one day:

As Told By - A Wizard of Oz fusion.
Last updated: September 2010.
Why it's languishing: Two words: Sherlock. Holmes. I freakin' love writing this story, but I hadn't been working on it for very long when Sherlock aired. Before I knew it I was writing about twin sociopaths instead, and Ten!Scarecrow and the gang were abandoned in the Emerald City.

The Days Are Just Packed - Calvin and Hobbes-inspired Pete's World fic with Rose and Ten II. 
Last updated: July 2010.
Why it's languishing: I got stuck. I'm usually able to work my way past the doldrum spots when a story suddenly loses all its momentum and/or charm, but I just cannot get out of this one. One day. Maybe it's a story that just has to be written in summer, eh?

Still Untitled Socialite!Rose Tyler AU - What it says on the tin.
Last updated: March 2010   
Why it's languishing: Oh my god, I love this story. I have no idea where I would go with it if I picked it up again today, but I love writing alt!Rose and Nine and Martha and the Master and no, it was never really going to make any kind of sense, but I want to write it so badly. The Doctor and Mrs. Rose Saxon, at the end of the world. Why aren't I working on this? 

Component Parts - The Star Trek 2009 Spock/Uhura from the beginning fic. 
Last updated: August 2009.
Why it's languishing: My obsession with Star Trek burned bright and hot and brief during the summer of 2009. I fully expect that it'll revive when the new movie comes out, and that's why Component Parts belongs here, rather than in the Deader than Dead section. I think the story sort of stands as it is, in a way, because I never really introduced any sort of plot or suspense or anything that really needs to be resolved. Aside from the lack of Spockish smooches, I suppose. I imagine I would have gotten to those eventually, if I'd kept going.

Fics that haunt me when I try to sleep at night:

Tomorrow Is a Long Time - The 20,000 word Doctor Who series four acid trip that wouldn't end.
Last updated: May 2010. It's almost our one year anniversary!
Why it's slowly devouring my soul: Sooooo clooooose. You'd think I'd just get it over with and finish it, wouldn't you? HA. WRONG. I don't write Doctor/Rose much anymore, and when I do, they have all the emotional authenticity of...something really inauthentic, I don't know, THIS FIC BROKE ME, OKAY? A little too much nuclear holocaust and not enough porn, clearly - though god knows I did try to combine the two.

The Anatomist - The Sherlock fic that wants to cut you open and see what's inside.
Last updated: January 2011.
Why it's slowly devouring my soul: I never would have thought I'd say this, but I think this fic is too dark for me to work on right now. I've never really felt like writing dark stuff affected my mood before, but RL this spring has been brutal, and this fic is only getting bleaker as it draws to its inevitable Reichenbach Falls conclusion. I love Molly, but I can't be in her head right now. What I might do is something I considered from the beginning, when I was first outlining the fic - call The Anatomist complete as is, and write a sequel later. Pacing-wise, that might make the most sense.

The fic that I'd actually be working on right now, if I weren't writing this post:

Arcana - Working title of fem!Watson witch!AU.
Why I can't even think about writing anything else: Oh, my happy fic place. I get to do a ton of research on magic and herbalism and all sorts of dorky things and there's just enough world building to make me twitchy but not enough to overwhelm me completely, and it's full of other new challenges, like genderswap and elaborate deductions and trying to figure out how the hell I'm going to write a convincing Sherlock/Joanna relationship and OH I AM SO EXCITED, I CAN'T EVEN TELL YOU.

But I'm not going to post it as a WIP, I promise. And this time I mean it.     

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I WILL MOURN THE LOSS OF THE LOST BOYS OF FICS FOREVER. But the ones that still have hope have given me chillssssss. Ten!Scarecrow and Dorothy!Rose! THE DOCTOR AND MRS ROSE SAXON. I physically cannot wait for you to possibly finish these fics.

p.s. Have I ever told you about my dream casting for Irene Adler? No? Possibly, only neither of us can remember? WELL. It's BILLIE and if she's not legit cast if they ever bring the character along I will plotz all over the Sherls casting dept.'s shoes.

and if anyone ever wanted to write any fic involving this casting decision it would not be remiss I AM JUST SAYING
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Have I ever told you about my dream casting for Irene Adler?

YOU HAVE NOT, BUT I AGREE WITH IT 1000 PERCENT. Oh, I can see it. I can see it so well.

Also, I approve of your use of the word 'plotz'.

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It's crazy perfect, right? I've made SO MANY GRAPHICS of them to further prove my point that I am dying to link you but as it is I am typing to you from my phone, because SOME ASSHOLE IN HIS MOM'S BASEMENT THOUGHT UP A VIRUS THAT HAS TAKEN UP RESIDENCE IN MY COMPUTER, which makes linking and finding and generally doing things on the internet a bit harder. BUT I WILL GET BACK TO YOU WITH THEM. And if they happen to inspire some ficcish thoughts, SO BE IT. /TACT

Thank you, darling. I try to use it at least once a day, to keep it healthy and active.

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This are gorgeous, dude. Thank you so much for the links!

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I'm just happy to spread the Billie!Irene love, man. THANK YOU FOR WRITING, EXISTING, THINKING BILLS WOULD ROCK IT, ETC.

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i'll just be over here weeping uncontrollably and stuffing that socialite!Rose fic into my brain like candy

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Also: mmmm, brain candy.

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My big bang is supposed to be gen but Sherlock and Joanna keep fighting me! IT IS VEXING.

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Sherlock and Joanna keep fighting me

They are a very vexing pair indeed. Their alarmingly heterosexual attraction will not be denied. Maybe you could talk them down to just a few lingering looks full of longing? LLFoLs, for short.

(I'm in an acronym sort of mood, it seems.)

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You have such a glorious list of WIPs. I'm honored we all got glimpses of them!

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Thank you, dude! The sad thing is, this morning I remembered three or four WIPs that I should've listed here, but had forgotten about entirely. Not a good sign, I think.

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Why do I bother commenting on these posts? You and I both know that I will read, and fangirl over, anything and everything you write.

(That said, I am totes excited that Component Parts isn't deader than dead yet, because I love that fic like candy. I love that fic so much that I just said "totes" unironically. The horror. The...horror.)

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Why do I bother commenting on these posts?

Because it makes me haaaaaappy?

No, sorry - I mean, it makes me totes happy. ;)

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*stalks your lj quietly*

I had been saving a proper comment on "The Anatomist" for the final chapter (so much love for the Kudos function), but given this I may as well just say now that it's mindblowingly good, and you make the structure work. And just--Molly. But I see what you mean about ending it where it is, pacing-wise, and I look forward to a sequel if and when you feel so moved.

And may I say I'm very much looking forward to that genderswapped AU?

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*stalks your lj quietly*

*is stalked, and stalks in turn*

So, apparently we not only share an interest in genderswapped Watsons, but also CONNIE WILLIS, WITH WHOM I AM VERY RECENTLY OBSESSED. I just started reading her in March, and I've blasted through Doomsday Book, To Say Nothing of the Dog, Passage, Fire Watch, Bellwether, and Lincoln's Dreams, and I just started Blackout. I desperately want to read the timeline you posted at your journal, but I fear the spoilers. I will just have to read faster, then. :)

Anyway. I'm so glad you liked The Anatomist, and thank you for saying so!

[identity profile] 2011-05-09 11:02 pm (UTC)(link)

*cackles quietly*

[identity profile] 2011-05-10 03:06 am (UTC)(link)
I mean, I adore John Watson in all his incarnations, but Joanna-gah. I can barely bring myself to write anything else in this fandom. Someday we'll see that on the screen, I hope.

And OMG CONNIE WILLIS. I discovered her just over a year ago and sprinted through everything, like you, except Blackout and All Clear hadn't even come out yet and *flails*. I can't say anything else, but do please join me in analysis and general obsessive fangirling when you do finish, because.

That woman. It's like she cracked my head open and found out where all my buttons are and then PUSHED THEM ALL AT ONCE.

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Every single update in this post made me think I hope she works on THAT one! I want more of The Anatomist like burning (in a good way), but I can see how writing it could be like burning (in a bad way) if your head isn't in the right place for it. Every time iTunes shuffles up Dylan's "Tomorrow Is a Long Time" I wonder when the next chapter of your story is coming out. Also, reading your sentence about balancing and combining nuclear holocaust and porn, all I can think is damn, I love fandom.

Part of me wants to call for CPR on Chrysalis, but part of me kinda loves the open ending to Of Monsters.

Mostly, I'm just ridiculously excited about the prospect of fem!Watson witch!AU at some point in the future.

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[identity profile] 2011-05-09 08:11 pm (UTC)(link)
Also, reading your sentence about balancing and combining nuclear holocaust and porn, all I can think is damn, I love fandom.

AHAHA SO TRUE. Oh, fandom.

Every time iTunes shuffles up Dylan's "Tomorrow Is a Long Time" I wonder when the next chapter of your story is coming out.

Me too, dude. Me too. ;)

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UGH, I LOVE AMOR MUNDI SO MUCH. I would do much for more of that, but fortunately for your life and future happiness it's far down the queue of things I plan to beat you into writing encourage.

...that queue involves Rose-the-socialite, in case you were wondering.

I love Component Parts. But you knew that - I think maybe that was when I started nagging and moved into your world? Or maybe that was over Amor Mundi? Gosh, who can even keep track of these things... ;)

I think you could be right about The Anatomist. I really rather thought you'd found an ending for it, though not the end of the whole story. We should talk about this further.

I also adore the acid trip. You're just too bloody good, clearly.

If you stop writing me Arcana before it's done, I *will* track you down and hurt you, I promise. And worse than that, I won't draw any illustrations for it. So there. Hmph.

Basically, I am SO GLAD I just went ahead and tied you up in my basement and forced you to write JUST FOR ME. The world would be a much uglier place otherwise.

[identity profile] 2011-05-09 08:14 pm (UTC)(link)
If you stop writing me Arcana before it's done, I *will* track you down and hurt you, I promise. And worse than that, I won't draw any illustrations for it. So there. Hmph.


Basically, I am SO GLAD I just went ahead and tied you up in my basement and forced you to write JUST FOR ME.

Oh, me too. Speaking of which, can you bring down more of that green jello? Sugar makes me write faster.

[identity profile] 2011-05-09 08:24 pm (UTC)(link)
What, you think we're in Utah where green jello is the state vegetable?!

Grumble, grumble. Fine.
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[personal profile] annissamazing 2011-05-09 04:57 pm (UTC)(link)
I've been following your fic for a while, but I read "The Days Are Just Packed" for the first time just today (it was linked over at [ profile] dw_ficsearch. I'm not sure how I'd missed it for so long. It's the first time in a long time a fic has made me literally LOL. But there's obviously much deeper stuff going on and I'm excited to see it in your list of fics you plan on completing eventually.

This post was intended to let you know that I added you to my f-list, but I see you've already noticed. :)

I need to watch Sherlock so I can join in on the fandom squee there.

[identity profile] 2011-05-09 08:21 pm (UTC)(link)
Yay! I'm so glad you enjoyed it. And thanks for the link to ficsearch! It's always nice to know your old stuff is remembered, even if only halfway. :)

I need to watch Sherlock so I can join in on the fandom squee there.

Sherlock is an enjoyable show with fascinating strengths and deeply frustrating weaknesses, but the fandom is AMAZING. Seriously. It's worth watching the episodes just so you can read all the truly stunning fic out there.

[identity profile] 2011-05-09 05:37 pm (UTC)(link)
I feel you on the WIP front. But have faith in you. You'll get them done (or not, or both) at your own pace, and we'll be here, chopping at the bit to soak up every word.

And while I fully admit I would crawl over broken glass, gladly, gratefully, for more of The Anatomist , I get not wanting to go that lovely, dark, brutal place right now. Or have I shown my hand? *g*

Anyways, carry on, you marvellous thing. We wait with bated breath!

[identity profile] 2011-05-09 08:29 pm (UTC)(link)
No glass crawling! That is a very strict rule with me - no one is allowed to crawl over broken glass, unless it is both fictional and highly dramatic.

Or an homage to Annie Lennox's 1992 classic Walking on Broken Glass, obviously. ;)

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Because we all love random comments from people we don't know,
My list of things that I wish desperately to see conclusions to, in order:

As Told By
The Days are Just Packed
Tomorrow is a Long Time
The Anatomist (this one, actually, is at a good place.)
Component Parts
Your Merlin epic plot thingers (and I don't even, still, watch Merlin)

...And I'd read other things too. Arcana looks fascinating.

(I'd even read Girl of Steel.)

(Anonymous) 2011-05-15 07:22 am (UTC)(link)
While this may be the most obnoxious thing ever said -- please, please finish Amor Mundi. It is perhaps one of my favorite things I've ever written; Doctor Who, not Doctor Who. And if you don't write it, at least use the story again -- it was just too, too gorgeous to not get through.

[identity profile] 2011-07-12 04:07 am (UTC)(link)
Thanks for friending me! I've loved your stuff from a distance for a long time... Yay!

OK, so I had no idea Tomorrow existed until I saw this post, and now I'm very sad that it's in the definitely dead pile. It's lovely. But there were the little pink cakes, in relation to a Sherlock Holmes reference, and something about expressions battling over the Doctor's face... Anyway, this is a random question, but have you read Laurie King's Mary Russell series? I keep thinking I'm seeing little references and bits of similar language in this story.

If you haven't, you oughta. I think you'd love the first few books in particular.

[identity profile] 2011-09-10 02:20 pm (UTC)(link)
The Master and an increasingly demented, god-like Rose traveling the universe in a TARDIS named Larry, searching for a way to kill off the Bad Wolf before Rose loses control altogether - yeah, I'm not going to say another word. Just in case.

You have no idea how much faith I put on the 'Just in case.' part of that. Because I just finished re-reading the series and I can't tell you enough how I love the idea of The Master and increasingly demented god like Rose (and Larry the TARDIS) misAdventures appeal to my soul.

You write god like Bad Wolf Rose like no other. And I LOVE god like Bad Wolf!Rose more than anything in the whole 'verse. I imprinted on that arc so much!

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