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I am a sniffly cold person with a sniffly cold, so I stole this old fic meme from [ profile] eponymous_rose. And then I sneezed on it. The end.

Gosh. What an exciting story.

vanity, thy name is meeeeeme.  )

Also, I'll do that 'answering questions about fic and stuff' meme that's been going around lately. Unless no one has any questions -- in that case, I refuse to answer them.
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Look into My Id.

This is such a fun idea for a meme, I couldn't help but spread it around. To quote: "Now, some writers embrace their id and write it all out there, and that can be a fabulous thing. Self-awareness FTW. But often when I'm reading a fic I find myself wanting to tap the author and say, "Pardon me, did you know your id is showing?"

So, a couple of us got to wondering what our fics revealed about us. Hence this anonymeme. Are our ids showing?"

Link takes you to my comment. Please, be scathingly honest. ;)
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I've been working on Of Monsters for about seven months now, and in that time I've developed a very particular playlist to listen to as I write. The ten songs in this "soundtrack" are the heavies, the brainworms, the ones that weave their way into the story while my back is turned. Naughty things.

And no spoilers here, my friends. Just a heck of a lot of foreshadowing.

ALSO: While I take pride in the album art I've cobbled together, I cannot take credit for the featured artwork. In fact, I cannot credit it to anyone, as my efforts to discover its source have continued unrewarded. So. If anyone knows, let me know, so that I may let everyone know. You know?

two things:

Jul. 2nd, 2008 11:42 pm
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First Thing:

I'm proud to pimp a new community: [profile] tardis_view. Evil genius [personal profile] eponymous_rose described it perfectly in our userinfo, so think I'll quote her here rather than force y'all to suffer my ramblings:

Do you ever get that itch to travel, to see all the little, everyday things that happen half a world away? Want a chance to get a guided tour of Paris from someone who's lived there forever? How about a small town out in the middle of nowhere, USA? Want to visit the countries your flist inhabits, without having to wait in neverending queues or pay a fortune? This is your chance.

Doctor Who fans live all over the planet - why not set up our own TARDIS?

It is truly a brilliant idea, and I'm very happy to be one of the mods. Above all Doctor Who celebrates a love of adventure, of the amazing things we can see in the world outside our front door. And we may not have a timeship, but we have this -- a global fandom who appreciates the incredible things we can find in the most unexpected places. I hope you guys will head over there and check it out.

(Ha. I said I wasn't going to ramble and then I did. I am so unpredictable.)

Second Thing:

I have a fic up for auction over at [profile] livelongnmarry. It goes something like this: you bid, you win, you donate the amount you bid to a charity of your choice that promotes marriage equality (Equality for All, Marriage Equality USA, etc.), and you tell me what sort of fic you want. Then a fic you shall have! It's a terribly worthy cause, so take a look at all the wonderful things up for auction.

(I'm pretty much up for anything as far as the prompts are concerned, but please, if you love me -- no Doctor/Jack. Doctor/Jack makes me twitch. All other pairings are okie dokie.

Well. Mostly.)
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[community profile] remixredux08 has been unveiled, and Days and Hours was my remixer's fic of choice! So head on over, if the spirit should so move you, and check out "Days and Hours" (Years and Seconds Remix) and take a look through the plethora of fics (in Doctor Who and many, many other fandoms) and see all the yummy ficness that there is to see!

(And if you should guess which one is mine, I shall give you a hypothetical cookie.)

ETA: The Years and Seconds Remix does include some S4 casting spoilers. Sorry!
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In fiction, self-insertion is generally considered something of a no-no, and deservedly so. (Though some bastards seem to get away with it without any complaints. Yeah, I'm lookin' at you, Dante.) But are we missing exciting opportunities of genuine self-discovery and satirical silliness by conforming to the dictums of the fandom establishment? I say we are. I say we rebel, brothers and sisters! I say that everyone inspired to do so should write a ficlet (or a blog entry) detailing their very own encounters with the alien, man-type mysterioso we call the Doctor.

What sort of companion would you be? Indeed, would you become a companion at all? And if you did find yourself traveling with him, whether by choice or necessity or accident, how would you leave him in the end?

Call it the How I Met the Doctor Meme. Any Doctor, any era. If in fic format, it can be from your point of view, or the Doctor's, or that of a canon companion along for the ride. The companions often serve as our ambassadors to the universe the Doctor travels, our stand-ins in his adventures, and the companions we relate to most strongly are often very telling of our own personalities. But let's get rid of the middleman - if you were offered the temptations of a life at large in the universe, of the dangers and beauties and responsibilities you'd find behind the doors of that blue box, what would you choose?
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A recent conversation with [profile] the_sandwalker got me thinking about some of my favorite character moments from the new series. Unfortunately, this picspam was the result.

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Sorry for deluging your flist - this thing is just really flippin' long.

Part Two )

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A Companion to Good Night: An Attempt to Elucidate and Illuminate the Strange Goings Ons of Two Psyches, one Fictional and the other Simply Muddled, or: What the Hell Was that Supposed to Mean, Anyway?


Part One )

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What a lovely little exercise in surrealism. Apparently, if you condensed everything I've posted on this journal into one "fic", it would read rather something like this:

Oddly enough, I think this is naughtier than anything I've actually written. Not quite sure how that happened.
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I understand that for normal people this would not be considered an accomplishment, but look!

I have a mood theme! With the Sixth Doctor, who is lovely and makes scary faces and has an umbrella. I love umbrellas. Both Six and Seven have special places in my heart simply because they had umbrellas. Ooh, and Seven had that hat. I liked that hat. Four and Five had nice hats too. Five was pretty.

Ahem. Right. This is just a test to be sure that this actually worked. I feel I should add something of substance.

Five was really pretty. And snarky. But not as snarky as Two. No one's as snarky as Two.

Except maybe One. Or Three. (Can martial arts count as snark?)

ETA: I have been undone by my own hubristic rantings. Woe upon woe.

ETA...again: Victory is mine, victory is mine. Great day in the morning, victory is mine! Internets, bring me the finest muffins and bagels in all the land. Today is a day of rejoicing.
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So here's something about me that you might not know - I am an idiot at computers. The fact that I can both check my e-mail and use my word processor is a triumph. My incompetence is awe inspiring. Really. Be inspired.

Sadly, this means that my many attempts to make Doctor Who fan vids have failed abysmally. This is particularly sad because I cannot stop thinking about the wonderful vids I would make if I could make vids. (It is quite easy to think yourself brilliant at something when you know you shall never be given the opportunity to disprove it.) It's driving me batty, quite frankly, and only you can help me. And prevent forest fires. Which means you're probably rather busy. I'll just leave you to it, then.

I make the following the proposition: here are the songs that I think would make brilliant DW vids. If any of them appeal to you and you say to yourself, "Self, I should very much like to make a fan video of that, by gum!" then you should do that. But this isn't just a request, oh no. I'm offering a trade. If you find yourself inspired by one of these songs, then you are entitled to request a fic of me in return. (Because I know how to use the word processor. Mostly.)

Just like, if you had a chicken that I really wanted, I would offer you a jar of pickles. Since I've been so specific about the chickens I'd like to see, you should feel free to dictate what you want from this jar of pickles - you could even give me a song by which it should be inspired. (It won't be song!fic, though. I don't do song!fic. Just poetry!fic.) Of course, chickens are generally more valuable than pickles (omelets!), but let's ignore that for the moment, shall we?

Or you could just consider this a strange little fan mix. Whatever floats your boat.

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Ever since I started writing in the Doctor Who fandom, I have been haunted by eerie literary coincidences. Here is the latest.


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