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Today I was searching the internets for bell hooks quotes (like you do) and came across this blog post, in which the author discusses a proposal from hooks' Feminist Theory: From Margin to Center. As it fits nicely with some of the ideas we were discussing in the comments of my recent poll, I thought I'd quote my favorite bit here: 

When I say ‘I am a feminist’ as hooks notes, “I engage a linguistic structure designed to refer some personal aspect of identity and self-definition” (hooks 55).  In that statement, I define myself beside a static image of ‘the feminist;’ I define myself beside the symbol feminist held within the American subconscious, and only that symbol.  Which explains the need to redefine that symbol…‘I am’ is absolute. ‘I am’ is concrete.  ‘I am’ is exclusive.  hooks, instead of working on a redefinition, analyzes the way our language structure means I am a feminist.  English is competitive, it is rooted in an either/or mentality: one is either a boy or a girl; a hunter or a gatherer; a feminist or a housewife; a feminist or a mother; a feminist or an environmentalist.  These things should not necessarily negate each other; but English is a language of dominance and in the structure of an either/or, the first always negates the second, and vice-versa.  The statement ‘I am a feminist’ linguistically triggers this exclusive dualistic thinking in order to describe “some personal aspect of [my] identity and self-definition” — thus limiting my self-definition: I am first and foremost a feminist.

To side-step this linguistic trap, bell hooks suggest replacing “I am a feminist” with “I advocate feminism” (55).  By removing the linguistic structure that implies primacy, this second statement becomes accessible; anybody,
everybody can advocate feminism.  One can even advocate feminism while simultaneously advocating environmentalism, and civil rights!  In advocating feminism I align myself beside like-minded political people instead of a symbol.  I engage in a conversation about what feminism is, instead of who a feminist should be.  

ETA: OH. And I saw the new Karate Kid yesterday, and it was FLIPPING AMAZING. And delightful. And sweet. And funny. AND AWESOME.  
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I've just finished a rather interesting book that touches on this topic, and now I'm curious -- and you know what happens when I get curious. [Poll #1575643]´╗┐No wrong answers, guys, and no judgments. I'm eager for thoughts and opinions on this other than my own.
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Here are the top seven things I have not posted about lately, because I am contrary and strange:

1. Five months ago I woke up one morning and found that I hate my job. But every daydream about quitting leads to thoughts like, "But it's full time, and I have dental," and "Even if I managed to get another job, it'd just be more retail," and "Jesus Christ, I'm wasting my youth upselling Dan Brown novels," and then I just cry myself to sleep and start the whole process again the next morning.

2. I think I might apply to the University of Oregon MFA program in creative writing. They have a 4% acceptance rate. I'm going to have to give them a writing sample that isn't fan fic. I am paralyzed by fear.

3. Since September I've written 25,000 words of Merlin fic, and I am still hopelessly in love with this story. It's all I want to think about, all the time.

4. I was Albert Einstein for Halloween. It was awesome.

5. I just read Virginia Woolf's Room of One's Own, and I remembered why she is my favorite person of all time. Now I'm reading E.M. Forster's notes for a similar lecture, and while I love him dearly, he keeps making snarky comments about my Ginny. THIS IS NOT ACCEPTABLE, FORSTER. DON'T MAKE ME COME DOWN THERE.

6. I bought the new Brandi Carlile CD the other day, and it is my new favorite thing.

7. Glee was preempted tonight for the STUPID WORLD SERIES. Whatever, Yankees. I want singing and dancing. Are you going you going to give me singing and dancing and fake pregnancies?

I thought not.
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No, my friends, I am still here. You have not dreamt me - I am flesh and blood, blood and flesh, true and as real as something which is true, and real. And do not think that because I have not been posting that I have not been here among thee - oh no. I have. I have watched thee from on high (above sea level) and now I have returned to walk amongst thee. And around thee. And occasionally over thee.

Yeah, see, this is why I haven't posted. I'm a lunatic.

I was bumped up to full-time at the bookstore a couple of months ago (I don't think I posted about that. Did I?) and so my life has been rather internet-lite of late. I have kept up with fandom brouhaha (at least, as much as I ever have) and I have been writing fic, though not much and not terribly well. There has been some small amount of REAL LIFE DRAMA, which I may post friends-lockedly later, but first I wanted to say:

I am not dead. I am still working on fic. I enjoy munster cheese. I love you all.

These are the things I wanted to say. Also:

(Buy it at Borders! Yay Borders!)

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Tagged ever-so-generously by [personal profile] mirageofmae. Yay!
1. List your top seven character ships
2. Put all of them in order of your love for them; 7 to 1, 1 being your main fixation.
3. Name the movie/show that they're in.
4. Supply photos for said people.
5. Tag seven people.

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I am totally going to write a YA novel about a century-old vampire chick and her high school misadventures.

No, seriously. Just watch me. Move over, Meyer. It's my turn to brainwash the kiddies now, and I'm going to do it with feminism.

(Yes, the Breaking Dawn release party broke my soul. Why do you ask?)
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Hey, lady!

Yes, mysterious voice?

What you been readin'?

How convenient that you should ask, mysterious voice, because it just so happens to be time for...

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I feel like this meme is judging me because I don't read much Thomas Hardy.

It is possible that I'm being slightly paranoid.

1) Look at the list and bold those you have read.
2) Italicize those you intend to read.
3) Underline the books you LOVE.
4) Reprint this list in your own LJ so we can try and track down these people who've read 6 and force books upon them ;-)

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Three, to be precise. And not one of them is over the age of ten.

Three of the girls that I watch regularly just saw the 1939 Wizard of Oz for the first time. Understandably, they were entirely enraptured. As I understand it, the post-viewing conversation went something like this:

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I'm just about halfway through the Eighth Doctor audio The Time of the Daleks (which is entirely brilliant, of course) and while I was listening I got an idea. An awful idea. A wonderful, awful idea.

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Just finished Agatha Christie's Death on the Nile, and DAMN was that ever an awesome read. I don't read much in the mystery genre (obviously, as this was my first Christie), but I think I might be about to enter a new phase. A phase which involves considerably less Victorian children's literature and considerably more "And then a shot rang out!"

Also, a quick rec for the truly brilliant epistolary novel Which Brings Me to You by Steve Almond and Julianna Baggott. And don't let my use of highfalutin literature-type terminology fool you - this book is fiercely funny and mostly about sex. Well, it seems to be about sex, but secretly it has Deep Meanings and Reflections on Human Existence. And lots of sex.

And speaking of sex, I've just watched the most recent episodes of Torchwood, and I have a new dance. This dance is called the "Ianto Jones, I knew all along that you were secretly awesome - Risen Mitten, indeed!" dance.

I now sort of want to write Team Torchwood Year-That-Never-Was fic. From Owen's POV. I don't even read Torchwood fic.

Enjoying that show this much is just weird.

And speaking of weird (and of sex, unsurprisingly), I just heard George Michael's I Want Your Sex on the radio for the third time in as many days. Is the universe trying to tell me something? Is the universe hitting on me?

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All right, people. The rough draft of my thesis is due in exactly twenty-three hours, and I'm about one independent clause away from hurling myself from the roof of the library, shouting, "I can fly! I can fly!" and clicking my heels together violently as I fall.

So this is me - desperate, insane, and sort of hungry. Remember me fondly when I am gone.

(Anybody have any thoughts on the cultural omnipresence of The Wizard of Oz and its significance in the American collective unconscious? What about immortality, sex, and death in children's literature? Anything? 'Cause that'd be awesome.)
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Snagged from [personal profile] earlgreytea68, who snagged it from [personal profile] kalleah, who snagged it from [personal profile] threerings...Dude. This meme has been around.

These are the top 106 books most often marked as "unread" by LibraryThing's users (as of today). As usual, bold what you have read, italicise what you started but couldn't finish, and strike through what you couldn't stand.

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Twenty seconds into Eighth Doctor radio drama Storm Warning (as if that weren't exciting enough) and the Doctor's going through his library and finds a copy of L. Frank Baum's The Wonderful Wizard of Oz!


(Erm...yes. I suppose I should explain that I've spent the last year or so writing my thesis on Peter Pan and The Wonderful Wizard of Oz. It is my LIFE.  So...I'm geeking out, basically. Just  wanted to share.)

I'll go listen to the rest, now, I think.
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I spent about an hour today discussing the work and lives of the Beatles with two four-year-olds.

I love my job.

In unrelated news, this sign recently appeared on campus. I know not why; I know only that my Freudian English lit lovin' brain thinks it the funniest thing ever. (Also, I love pink.)
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I would travel to Sussex, 1939 and steal the semi-colon key from Virginia Woolf's typewriter.

Girl, you know I love you, but come on.


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