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Vampire by Munch

When I was still working at Borders, I had a co-worker who was virulently anti-vampire. 

He wasn’t the sort of booknerd to be shy about his opinions. “There has never been anything good that had vampires in it,” he would say. “Not a movie, not a TV show, not a book. Not ever, no exceptions.”

The rest of the break room usually had the good sense to ignore this. I’ve never been known for my good sense.

I’d bring up Buffy, Bela Lugosi, Nosferatu. Let the Right One In, Dark Shadows, and Love at First Bite. What about Christopher Lee in the Hammer Horror films, I’d say. What about Willem Dafoe in Shadow of the Vampire? What about the Count from Sesame Street?

And what about Ann Rice? he’d answer. What about the cult of Edward Cullen? What about a quarter of the romance section, half the sci-fi shelves, and pretty much the entirety of Young Adult?

I really hated losing that argument.

Part One )
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So you guys may or may not have noticed, but I suck at finishing WIPs. (Should really be WsIP, I suppose, but that's just ridiculous. WIPs it is.) Part of my problem is that in the last two years or so I've become entirely unable to keep stories within the scope in which I originally conceive them - they just get longer and longer, and while I always promise myself I'll wait until they're complete to start posting, the truth is I probably wouldn't post anything at all if I held myself to that. Component Parts is a good example - for the two months or so while I was working on that fic on a daily basis, I was still totally consumed by all things Star Trek. But you know what happened? Two months went by and the fic was getting more and more ambitious, and I suddenly all I wanted to think about was Arthurian legend and this absurdly epic Merlin fic I'd started by accident one night. That turned into The Goose Girl, which while technically complete was meant to be followed by two more stories of equal length all about Arthur becoming king and Merlin finding out that Bess was Nimueh and then the whole Lady of the Lake Mordred insanity, and oh I had such plans. Then I started a little Journey's End fic called Tomorrow Is a Long Time, and I was off again.

So. If you're curious (and even if you aren't, which is more likely) here's a rundown of my WsIP file, and those fics that I expect to emerge from it, blinking into the light, and those which will probably rot there, dessicated and forgotten. Yummy.

WIPs, or: fics you've forgotten you ever read, which was probably for the best, really. )
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Requested by [ profile] harpinred many, many moons ago.

Warning: This is pretty silly and pointless, even for me. You've been warned.

Sins of the Flesh )
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I promised an awful lot of fic commentaries a few months ago, and I've yet to deliver. Here's a very silly one about a not-particularly silly fic.

This is for [ profile] amathela  and [ profile] marissa_214, who wanted a commentary on the first chapter of Do I Twist, Do I Fold. And that, ladies and gentlemen, is precisely what they got.

The Commentary Begins Here.  )
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The first of what will be many, many ficly commentaries born of that meme. This one's for [personal profile] principia_coh and [personal profile] kudzita.


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