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Two commentaries promised in this meme! I quite enjoyed doing these, brief as they are, and I'd be happy to do more. Though after these you might all wash your hands of me; it's hard to say.

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In other news, I've been compulsively listening to Bowie's Life on Mars on repeat for the last two hours, and every two minutes or so I get intensely teary and emotional about SAM TYLER and GENE HUNT and THAT BEAUTIFUL SHOW. In a few minutes I intend to switch over to Ashes to Ashes and OH ALEX DRAKE I LOVE YOU LIKE BREATHING.

I might be a little premenstrual. Just a smidge. 
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No, not really. But still -- the idea has quite arrested me.
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So there comes a time in every fan's life when she (or, occasionally, he) must ask herself the difficult questions -- questions like, "Who am I?" and "Why am I here?" and "Do I OTP or multi-ship?"

Because in fandom, as in life, labels are very, very important. If not for labels, how would we know who to judge? If we did not judge, who would we argue bitterly with over meaningless minutiae? The very foundations of our fandom civilization would crumble, or burn, or be crushed by the sudden impact of a metaphorical meteor, and then what would we do?

We would be extinct, my friends. We would die, and in the distant future bored school children would be forced to study terms like "FTW" and "TL;DR" as remnants of a long dead language, and elaborately-coiffed television preachers would claim that our bones were planted in the earth by God Himself as a (really rather idiotic) test for the faithful.

Basically, it would be bad.

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My new favorite thing about series 5 Who is the absolutely stunning fic inspired by the finale. Like this one, which BLEW MY MIND: Vita Longa by [ profile] sam_storyteller. Rory-centric, some Doctor/Amy/Rory, lots of Latin. Who could ask for more?
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In case you're in the mood for something completely flipping FANTASTIC, here's a link to [ profile] eponymous_rose's new Rory-centric fic Turning and Turning. Spoilers for The Big Bang, and a strong warning for shocking levels of undeniable awesomeness.

You're welcome.
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So, yes, the finale was fantastic and lovely and a wonderful, different-sort-of-Who end to a wonderful, different-sort-of-Who series, and now here's a fic that perfectly captures everything I loved about the finale -- basically, how awesome [characters names withheld due to spoilers] are, particularly when they are all together.

So! Spoilers spoilers spoilers and FIC REC.

Also, I have the world's worst crush on Matt Smith. It's a little disturbing.
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While I would have been overjoyed to learn that the rumors of a Lady Gaga Doctor Who appearance were true, my first choice for a Yank pop singer guest star would be the fabulous Janelle Monae:

Something tells me she'd fit in just fine.

ETA: OMG. Apparently she's already been in an episode of Stargate: Universe, which -- um, no. Not even for her.
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I am, as a general rule, not one of those people who gives a crap about what actors are like in real life, but [ profile] eponymous_rose pointed me toward this today and now that I've watched it about forty-seven times I feel the need to wave my hands at it and say: OH MY GOD HOW CAN TWO HUMAN BEINGS POSSIBLY BE SO ADORABLE. THEY MUST EACH BE HALF-KITTEN. OR HALF-PUPPY. MATT SMITH IS HALF-KITTEN AND KAREN GILLIAN IS HALF-PUPPY AND TOGETHER THEY ARE SO ADORABLE THAT MY EYES BURN.

Anyway. This is a clip from a recent Confidential.

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Easily my favorite New Who ep since Midnight. Other series 5 thoughts below.

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Apr. 1st, 2010 07:19 pm
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I am ridiculously excited about new Who on Saturday. Maybe I should watch Forest of the Dead or one of the weaker episodes of Coupling in an attempt to lower my expectations?

Also, I've decided: Matt Smith is pretty. In an awkward sort of way, granted, but still - very, very pretty.
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Has anyone else ever sat down and tried to make sense of Rose's timeline during Turn Left? I ask because I've watched it about ten times today, and I feel that I can say with some authority that it is flatly IMPOSSIBLE TO DO SO.

Not only does she know everything about everything, she also manages to show up and whisper in Donna's ear as she lays dying, which happens months before Runaway Bride and her first appearance in the parallel universe. She obviously isn't time traveling in the broken-down TARDIS, so how exactly is she little Miss Omniscient? Do the dimension jumpers let you travel in time beyond the 'some universes are ahead of the others' ridiculousness?

This is hardly the first time all this has bothered me (it is, after all, how I came up with the concept for Devil You Know) but now I am freshly annoyed.
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1) Dollhouse is, of course, canceled, which explains why I have finally fallen in love with it. FML.

2) I watched Waters of Mars with my mother tonight. It was my second time watching the ep, and I liked it so much more this time. Perhaps my expectations were too high the first time? Or maybe I'm experiencing a true Who resurgence. Either way, my feelings about the first forty minutes or so of the episode were entirely different. (And now I'm freaking out about the regeneration for the first time since we heard the news. Fabulous.)

3) Not all is sadness and gloom - after all, Ellenore won So You Think You Can Dance! Oh. Wait. NO SHE DIDN'T.

4) I watched SyFy's Alice, and it totally didn't suck, which I find very confusing. That said, it lacked a certain degree of madness that I feel must be restored via fic. (Yes, that is my primary complaint - no one was crazy enough for me. But then, so few people are.)

5) I've posted four of the eight prompts from the fics I would never write meme. Writing them has really helped with the creative constipation, and I wanted to thank you guys for giving them to me. So - THANK YOU. You make me so much happier than Fox, regeneration, So You Think You Can Dance, or crazy people ever could. 
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Now, I've spent the past six months or so avoiding all Who related thoughts. Part of it was simple distraction, as I'd discovered Merlin and SGA and other shows and fandoms to become mildly obsessed with. Nothing on the level of Who in my heyday, of course, but still. Distracted. And then came Waters of Mars, about which I have extremely mixed feelings (the two main feelings being boredom and deja vu) but nevertheless it brought the upcoming specials to the forefront of my mind.

Thus the rewatch.
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This is the job I think I should have:

I would like a career that consisted solely of going up to complete strangers and saying things like, OH MY GOD I JUST WATCHED THIS TV SHOW ABOUT WIZARDS AND DESTINY AND A DRAGON AND IT IS THE BEST THING EVER YOU SHOULD WATCH IT OH MY GOD.

And then I would walk away.

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So I'm feeling pretty laid back about this whole OMG ELEVEN TOMORROW ELEVEN OMG deal. I'm curious and a little excited, but not as invested as I once was. (And if someone told you this is due to my sudden, inexplicable Stargate: Atlantis obsession, that was a dirty, dirty lie.) Despite my nonchalance, I would like to share my two favorite candidates: 

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Tagged by [ profile] earlgreytea68, that minx.

Sometimes it's ok to pimp yourself out. Post a list of your top five fic-favorites you've written, regardless of fandom or the reason you love them. This isn't about the BEST things you've written, but what you LOVE most. Then tag five other people to do the same.

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Like, now, please.

Still without wireless at the old homestead, and, after a month or so of deprivation, have been weaned from my addiction. No, really. I think that I may no longer be obsessed with Doctor Who

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Tagged ever-so-generously by [personal profile] mirageofmae. Yay!
1. List your top seven character ships
2. Put all of them in order of your love for them; 7 to 1, 1 being your main fixation.
3. Name the movie/show that they're in.
4. Supply photos for said people.
5. Tag seven people.


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