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Two of these are continuations of stories I've posted in the past; the third is the Sherlock fic that's owned me since August. I feel so used; I don't regret a minute of it.

Component Parts
. Star Trek Reboot, Spock/Uhura. Teen.

a snippet of nerd flirting. )

Untitled sequel to The Goose Girl. Merlin, Bess & friends, some Bess/Merlin. Teen.

a bit of screwball comedy, with foreshadowing. )

The Anatomist. Sherlock, Molly Hooper, Jim Moriarty, others. Adult. Spoilers like whoa for The Great Game.

growing up moriarty. )
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Title: A Time Apart

Characters: Rose Tyler, John Smith.

Rating: General.

Warnings: None.

Spoilers: Series three.

Beta: The wonderful [ profile] jlrpuck and [ profile] eponymous_rose.

Summary: A brief Human Nature AU - Rose in 1913. Posted as part of [ profile] goldy_dollar's Fic Revival Week.

ETA: Somewhat amazingly, I just found a longer version of this that I e-mailed to [ profile] eponymous_rose, oh, about two years ago. So who knows - I might be finishing this sooner than I thought.

A Time Apart )
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Characters: Rose Tyler, Peter Tyler, original characters, many other more familiar ones.

Rating: Adult.

Warnings: Strong language and some violence.

Spoilers: Through Journey's End.

Beta: The splendiferous [ profile] eponymous_rose.

Summary: Rose Tyler, in another life. Posted as part of [ profile] goldy_dollar's Fic Revival Week. More of this fic has been written, but it was (temporarily, I hope) lost in the Great Laptop Implosion of 2010. This is what survives.

the fic hides here. )


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