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Every once in a while you come across a fanwork that perfectly sums up your view of the original text, and oh, is this vid by [ profile] charmax a perfect example of that. Pay particular attention to its treatment of Sherlock's minor and female characters; it made me flap my hands in giddiness.

Also, at some point today I'm going to make myself sit down and make a list of all my WIP and unposted fics, and then I am going to make a plan. A plan to finish things, so I can stop obsessing about them.
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Two commentaries promised in this meme! I quite enjoyed doing these, brief as they are, and I'd be happy to do more. Though after these you might all wash your hands of me; it's hard to say.

commentaries, what? )

In other news, I've been compulsively listening to Bowie's Life on Mars on repeat for the last two hours, and every two minutes or so I get intensely teary and emotional about SAM TYLER and GENE HUNT and THAT BEAUTIFUL SHOW. In a few minutes I intend to switch over to Ashes to Ashes and OH ALEX DRAKE I LOVE YOU LIKE BREATHING.

I might be a little premenstrual. Just a smidge. 
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I did not, in fact, die of moving. My stuff is still dumped in a nightmare jumble all over the room, I can't find my toothpaste, and my dresser is blocked by about two tons of books, but all my shit is here, not there, and I think that counts as a success, don't you? To celebrate: a meme, nabbed from [ profile] vega_ofthe_lyre!

Pick a paragraph (or any passage less than 500 words) from any fanfic I've written, and comment to this post with that selection. I will then give you a DVD commentary on that snippet: what I was thinking when I wrote it, why I wrote it in the first place, what's going on in the character's heads, why I chose certain words, what this moment means in the context of the rest of the fic, lots of awful puns, and anything else that you'd expect to find on a DVD commentary track.

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Easy to research: How one becomes a forensic pathologist in Great Britain.

Not so easy to research: How one becomes a widely-feared criminal mastermind in Great Britain.

(I fell asleep at eight o'clock tonight, and woke just a few minutes ago at one thirty in the morning. My dog, his nocturnal schedule now equally confused, has begun hunting imaginary flies.

It's going to be a long night.) 
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I've spent the last two days in a Sherlockian haze, researching poisons and train timetables and Irish law enforcement, only rarely remembering to eat or drink or use the facilities, and listening to Poe's album Haunted on obsessive repeat. I'm about five thousand words in, and I think I might actually collapse before I make it to six thousand.

I'm having so much fucking fun writing this fic, I can't even tell you.

It's almost absurdly dark; probably the most disturbing thing I've ever written. But it's funny how easy it is to forget that while you're writing, to get caught up in the mind of the character who thinks all this is perfectly normal, really, you're just being squeamish and unforgivably bourgeois and then before you know it you're like, hmm, I don't if that murder was graphic enough, maybe I should add some intestines?

So it's been an interesting few days, is what I'm saying. Also: anyone willing to do a read-through and give me a few thoughts? I swear I've kept the intestines to the barest possible minimum.

One of these days I'm going to do a post about my MFA applications and taking the GREs and figuring out what the hell I'm doing with my life, but today is not that day. Today is a day for bloody murder, and occasionally remembering to rehydrate.
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Fic recs, in celebration of my two shiny new favorite fandoms. I'm still a bit stunned, really, by all the amazing Sherlock and Inception fics that have appeared in such a short time. Oh, fandom - just when I think our relationship is beginning to stale, you give me these nutty new worlds to play in.  I'm about two-thirds of the way through an entirely too plotty Arthur/Ariadne fic, and just this afternoon I started a Sherlock fic about my dearly beloved MOLLY HOOPER.

(Yes, I ship John/Sherlock like burning. That doesn't mean that I don't intend to focus all my admittedly limited ficly attention on Molly and Sally and Sarah and Mrs. Hudson and, basically: screw you, MoffatandGatiss.)


what's the story, morning glory?  )

This only scratches the surface, really, particularly on the Sherlock front. If I've missed anything particularly fabulous in either fandom, please let me know! Doesn't matter what the pairing might be, or if there's no pairing at all; I'm not as particular as I seem.
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I have two strange new addictions: Inception fic, and a choose-your-own-adventure sort of game called Echo Bazaar. I'm amazed by the quality of the fic that's been written in the short time since the movie's release, though perhaps I shouldn't be -- if ever a movie was destined to give birth to a fandom, it was Inception. (And Star Wars, I guess. But never mind that.) Arthur/Ariadne is my poison of choice, but I'm enjoying all sorts of pairings and not-pairings. Perhaps I shall do a rec list? Perhaps.

Echo Bazaar, on the other hand, sort of surprised me, as I've never played a game like this before and I wouldn't have thought I'd get so attached to it so quickly. I'm not sure how to describe it, so I'm stealing a quote from this rather informative website:

"Echo Bazaar is a web-based card game set in the heart of Fallen London, 'a short boat-ride from Hell'. As soon as you log in, there is an otherwordly feeling, despite the almost familiar descriptions of London. You are surrounded by the neutral dark colors of the ‘Neath with the simple words at the top of your screen: Welcome, delicious friend.

On the surface, it is a simple turn-based role-playing game with quirky text. But that doesn’t begin to describe Echo Bazaar."

I made myself a Twitter account just to play this. That's how much fun it is. I'm rosa_acicularis on Twitter and in the game; you should come play with me in Fallen London, and we will become master thieves together and drink fungal wine.

(It's better than it sounds.)
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1. Watched Sherlock last night. I am: as desperately in love with Martin Freeman as ever, simultaneously creeped out and enthralled by  Sherlock himself, and annoyed with Moffat for a) being occasionally completely amazing, b) being occasionally completely infuriating, and c) DISTRACTING ME FROM BOTH THESE QUALITIES BY STEALING FROM HIS OWN DAMN SCRIPTS. AGAIN. And Princess Bride, but that's a rant for another entry.

2. Will probably see Inception for the fourth (4th) time tomorrow, officially making me the craziest crazy in the bunch. (In my defense, I've only actually paid for the movie myself once. As if this makes me somehow less nutty.) The awesomeness of that movie increases tenfold every time you watch it. True story.

3. As you may or may not know, I live in fear of meeting famous people I admire (see: the time I met Laurie R. King/Alice Hoffman/Henry Winkler and shamed myself and my ancestors through sheer dorkitudinal enthusiasm) but I work in a fairly swank store in a city that's seeing more and more action of the filmic sort, so I was somewhat prepared when I met GINA FREAKIN' BELLMAN yesterday. I kept my insanity under control until I was ringing her up, and then I said, "Sorry, I don't mean to be obnoxious, but I'm a huge Leverage fan." She just sort of blinked at me, Britishly, and said, "That's nice. We're almost done filming." And I said: "Cool." And then we talked about organic cotton baby carriers.

I did not ask her if she thought Stephen Moffat was a misogynist, but it did occur to me.

4. Will someone please throw things at my head until I finish this fic? I have hit the Misery Point. (Definition: The point at which a story, which was such a delight to begin, turns into actual work that requires actual effort. The Misery Point.)

meme much?

Jul. 16th, 2010 04:30 pm
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The seven things about my writing process meme, nabbed with affection and thanks from [ profile] eponymous_rose.

1. Almost without exception, I get my initial writing ideas while traveling. By foot, by bus, by train - particularly while driving, which tells you something about my less-than-stellar driving habits. I almost always listen to music as I commute, and I think a combination of music and passing scenery knocks loose the necessary inspiration from my logical mind's usual death grip. 

2. I am a compulsive researcher, but it's not as much about accuracy as the strange, formerly unimagined directions new information can inspire in a story. I want to take as much knowledge about a subject as possible, stuff it all in my brain, and then rattle it around until something surprising comes out. Research is also an excellent way to procrastinate when you're avoiding a particularly challenging scene or dauntingly important moment.

3. I almost never write anything by hand. When I used to work at Borders and would spend miserable late night hours alone at the registers, I would occasionally draw incomprehensibly abstract diagrams outlining the plot and pacing of whatever I was working on, but aside from research, all prewriting, outlines and brainstorming live only in my head.  

4. A story doesn't seem real to me until I have a title. Which is problematic, because thinking of a title SUCKS. Most of my titles are either obvious one-word nonsense or song lyrics. Once I've decided on a title, I get very attached to it and rarely change my mind; Tomorrow Is a Long Time is the rare exception. It started out as a very different sort of story (smaller, quieter, shorter) and was called Eastward, in Eden.  Then one day I was listening to Pandora and Bob Dylan's Tomorrow Is a Long Time came up, and I couldn't believe I hadn't thought of it before. It was perfect for what the story had grown into, and just like that Eastward, in Eden was a thing of the past.

5. In a book I read recently about writing, the author talked about the almost trance-like state many writers find themselves in as they write. This made a lot of sense to me, as it somewhat explains my habit of listening to the same song on repeat for hours at a time while I write. I know lyrics distract some people as they write, but I swear I don't even hear them - I just need the same song playing, over and over and over again. (This is why my friend who follows me on is convinced that I am a psychopath. She says it's unsettlingly Shining-esque.)

6. I always, always edit as I write. I've been told this is a bad habit, but I can't stop myself. I can't move on to the next sentence until this one is just right. This is probably why I am, it would seem, the slowest writer in fandom. (This doesn't mean, of course, that I don't still make mistakes - as those who beta for me can tell you.)

7. When something isn't working and I can't see how to fix it, I do what my favorite high school English teacher told me to do: take out the part you love the best. Chances are, I'm keeping it in just because I love it, and not because it serves the story as a whole. I hate this advice, but it almost always works. (Though I do have a file full of well-loved rejects bits from all my stories. Just in case. ) 
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My new favorite thing about series 5 Who is the absolutely stunning fic inspired by the finale. Like this one, which BLEW MY MIND: Vita Longa by [ profile] sam_storyteller. Rory-centric, some Doctor/Amy/Rory, lots of Latin. Who could ask for more?
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In case you're in the mood for something completely flipping FANTASTIC, here's a link to [ profile] eponymous_rose's new Rory-centric fic Turning and Turning. Spoilers for The Big Bang, and a strong warning for shocking levels of undeniable awesomeness.

You're welcome.
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So, yes, the finale was fantastic and lovely and a wonderful, different-sort-of-Who end to a wonderful, different-sort-of-Who series, and now here's a fic that perfectly captures everything I loved about the finale -- basically, how awesome [characters names withheld due to spoilers] are, particularly when they are all together.

So! Spoilers spoilers spoilers and FIC REC.

Also, I have the world's worst crush on Matt Smith. It's a little disturbing.
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Your result for The Fan Fiction Personality Test...

The Mindgamer

Everything is possible, nothing is ever really over.

Fanfiction is a creative outlet for you. You don't intentionally write it, it just happens. You find inspiration in several fandoms, but are not obsessed with only one.

You like to explore "what if" situations. What if this character had never made this very choice? What if this event had taken place sooner, never, elsewhere? What if these people had never met?

You are likely to write Alternative Universes, fan seasons or sequels and just follow your (sometimes pretty strange) plot bunnies.

Take The Fan Fiction Personality Test at OkCupid

Doesn't sound like me at all. Except for the parts that sort of do.

Also, speaking of fic -- I've been thinking a lot about this Diana Gabaldon kerfuffle, and I admit that it's been bothering me a bit. Now, the only fandoms I've ever written anything at all for are Who (obviously), West Wing, Star Trek, and Merlin, and of those West Wing is the only text that isn't pretty much a form of fan fiction itself. And while I can't really imagine Russell T. Davies waking up one morning and announcing that fic writers are perverts who need to get their dirty pervert hands off his precious creations (who are, of course, like his children, despite the fact that they are fictional and thus, you know, not really like that at all) I still find all this a bit troubling. 

I love fan fic -- I love reading it, and I love writing it. And when I read that Gabaldon post, and the George R.R. Martin one that followed it, I immediately felt the need to defend this world of fandom and fan fiction which has become such a part of my formation as a writer. Then I read Michael Chabon's essay about Sherlock Holmes in his book Maps and Legends: Reading and Writing Along the Borderlands,  and decided to just point to it and say, THIS. THIS IS WHY THE WRONG LADY IS WRONG. He wrote:

cut for awesomeness. )
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Has anyone else ever sat down and tried to make sense of Rose's timeline during Turn Left? I ask because I've watched it about ten times today, and I feel that I can say with some authority that it is flatly IMPOSSIBLE TO DO SO.

Not only does she know everything about everything, she also manages to show up and whisper in Donna's ear as she lays dying, which happens months before Runaway Bride and her first appearance in the parallel universe. She obviously isn't time traveling in the broken-down TARDIS, so how exactly is she little Miss Omniscient? Do the dimension jumpers let you travel in time beyond the 'some universes are ahead of the others' ridiculousness?

This is hardly the first time all this has bothered me (it is, after all, how I came up with the concept for Devil You Know) but now I am freshly annoyed.
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This might be the unemployment talking, but I've just decided that what the world really needs is a novel about twenty-something hipster werewolves living in Portland. Written by me.

Excuse me, I have to go start my outline.
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This is an entry containing two things:

Thing 1: Angst.

Thing 2: Pitifulness.

Thing 3: Charm.

No, that's three things. Hold on -- I'll come in again.

i cut for angst and pitifulness. )
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1) Dollhouse is, of course, canceled, which explains why I have finally fallen in love with it. FML.

2) I watched Waters of Mars with my mother tonight. It was my second time watching the ep, and I liked it so much more this time. Perhaps my expectations were too high the first time? Or maybe I'm experiencing a true Who resurgence. Either way, my feelings about the first forty minutes or so of the episode were entirely different. (And now I'm freaking out about the regeneration for the first time since we heard the news. Fabulous.)

3) Not all is sadness and gloom - after all, Ellenore won So You Think You Can Dance! Oh. Wait. NO SHE DIDN'T.

4) I watched SyFy's Alice, and it totally didn't suck, which I find very confusing. That said, it lacked a certain degree of madness that I feel must be restored via fic. (Yes, that is my primary complaint - no one was crazy enough for me. But then, so few people are.)

5) I've posted four of the eight prompts from the fics I would never write meme. Writing them has really helped with the creative constipation, and I wanted to thank you guys for giving them to me. So - THANK YOU. You make me so much happier than Fox, regeneration, So You Think You Can Dance, or crazy people ever could. 
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So I'm stuck on every one of the five stories I'm working on right now and am in desperate need of either 1) a swift kick to the head, or 2) something to kick start the creative process. Since option one involves pain and possibly some dental work, I've decided to request your help with option two.

There's a meme that's been going around for a while that I've always wanted to do but never had a good opportunity to snag. Describe a fic you never would've thought I'd write, and I'll write a scene from it. (If anyone says Heartbreak Hotel, I'll cry. I swear I will.) Doctor Who, The West Wing, Merlin, The Office (US) and Star Trek Reboot would be my fandoms of choice, as they're the only ones I've ever written in before, but I'm open to suggestions.
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Here are the top seven things I have not posted about lately, because I am contrary and strange:

1. Five months ago I woke up one morning and found that I hate my job. But every daydream about quitting leads to thoughts like, "But it's full time, and I have dental," and "Even if I managed to get another job, it'd just be more retail," and "Jesus Christ, I'm wasting my youth upselling Dan Brown novels," and then I just cry myself to sleep and start the whole process again the next morning.

2. I think I might apply to the University of Oregon MFA program in creative writing. They have a 4% acceptance rate. I'm going to have to give them a writing sample that isn't fan fic. I am paralyzed by fear.

3. Since September I've written 25,000 words of Merlin fic, and I am still hopelessly in love with this story. It's all I want to think about, all the time.

4. I was Albert Einstein for Halloween. It was awesome.

5. I just read Virginia Woolf's Room of One's Own, and I remembered why she is my favorite person of all time. Now I'm reading E.M. Forster's notes for a similar lecture, and while I love him dearly, he keeps making snarky comments about my Ginny. THIS IS NOT ACCEPTABLE, FORSTER. DON'T MAKE ME COME DOWN THERE.

6. I bought the new Brandi Carlile CD the other day, and it is my new favorite thing.

7. Glee was preempted tonight for the STUPID WORLD SERIES. Whatever, Yankees. I want singing and dancing. Are you going you going to give me singing and dancing and fake pregnancies?

I thought not.
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I have just made contact with the WORLD'S BIGGEST SPIDER. And by "contact" I mean "smashed the crap out of it with my boot while sobbing like a frightened child." Before I got up the nerve to squish it I stared at it in horror for about half an hour, completely unable to believe the size of it, and now I am seeing phantom spiders everywhere, like when you stare at a light bulb for too long and you can see the light even after you close your eyes.


Also, I feel really guilty about killing it, as it was obviously some sort of spider king (spider god?) and now I am responsible for the fall of an entire spider civilization, and anyway it was sort of beautiful in a completely terrifying way, and I generally frown on killing living things just because they creep you out, but SERIOUSLY. This thing would have munched on my head as I slept. It was that big.

(It is still big, only now it is dead and big. People, I have killed Aragog and made Hagrid cry. I am a horrible person.)

In a completely unrelated matter, I am about 5,000 words into a Merlin fic (I know, I know) and if anyone on my flist actually, you know, watches that show (which is awesome, and you should) I could use a second opinion/betay thing. I promise not to yell at you about spiders if you're interested.

Well. Not much, anyway.


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