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Characters: fem!John Watson, Sherlock Holmes.

Rating: All ages.

Warnings: None.

Summary: Joanna Watson considers a haircut; Sherlock shares some thoughts on the matter. A brief scene edited from a longer story that seems to stand just as well on its own. The original story is a witchy-type magic AU, but there's little of that here. 

too short for a title.  )
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A few members of my flist over at [ profile] rosa_writes were kind enough to give me some fic prompts the other day (hi, guys!), the challenge being to prompt me with a fic idea that I would probably never otherwise write. Eight people prompted me; these are the first four fics. Well, it's a bit more like three small scenes from hypothetical larger fics and one decent-sized ficlet that ate my brain. The other four ficlets should follow shortly. here there be some very small fics. )
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Title: Landing

Characters: Rose Tyler, Mickey Smith, Pete and Jackie Tyler

Rating: Teen

Disclaimer: Strictly speaking, they don't not not belong to me.

Spoilers: Doomsday

Summary: "The funny thing about beginnings, you see, is that they're practically indistinguishable from endings." Rose Tyler, after the fall. A companion to the pre-series fic Sitting.

Author's Notes: You know what I'd never tried before? A mega-angsty Doomsday fic. I think this just about got it out of my system.

Landing )
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Title: Heights

Characters: Tenth Doctor, Rose

Rating: PG

Disclaimer: Mine, they are not.

Spoilers: None to speak of.

Summary: "Ooh, that's high. That's very...blimey, that's high." -- The Doctor, Evolution of the Daleks.

Notes: My entry for last week's round of fics at [profile] doctor_rose_las. The prompt was 'phobia'.

Heights )


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Title: Literally, Or: A Brief Meditation on Why One Should Never Snark the Doctor.

Characters: Nine, Rose

Rating: G

Summary: He aims to please. A quick detour after The Doctor Dances. Ficlet.

Disclaimer: All sorts of things here belong to people other than me.

Author's Notes: Hey look! I wrote Nine!

Literally )


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