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As you may remember, a few months ago my beloved Macbook was killed in a terrible accident involving a dog's tail and a full glass of water. Now I'm finally up to replacing it, but have come across a small problem: I don't know anything about computers.

The plan at the moment is to buy a used Macbook off of craigslist, but I'm afraid my computer ignorance leaves me vulnerable to anyone overcharging for a piece of crap that will die on me the moment I get it home. I know I don't want to pay more than $600 dollars, and I'd rather get something with Microsoft Office already installed so I don't have to buy it yet again, but other than that -- I don't know what I need, and I don't know how to find out what I need. How old is too old for a Macbook? How slow is too slow? And how the hell do I know how old and slow a computer is, anyway?

I've been searching for a "How to Not Get Ripped Off While Buying a Used Computer" for Dummies sort of thing, but I haven't found one yet. Any ideas?
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So my computer is dead. I went through all the recommended stages of mourning (is pouting a stage? I think it must be) and have come out the other side a better, wiser person. My mother, in her infinite goodness, has lent me her shiny new PC that she never uses because "the mouse feels funny" which is code for "I'm just really sick of all the pouting." So I have a temporary replacement computer until I can buy a new one - which, of course, I'll only be able to do if I get a new job. A new job that pays about 12 times better than my old one. C'est la vie.

Thanks again, guys, for all your wonderful, supportive comments on my last, rather miserable entry. You guys were incredibly helpful on the job hunting, computer, and cheering up fronts, and I can't thank you enough.

On a happier note:

Television serial killers and why being unemployed gives you an excellent opportunity to get to know them better. A special spoiler-free edition. )
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This is an entry containing two things:

Thing 1: Angst.

Thing 2: Pitifulness.

Thing 3: Charm.

No, that's three things. Hold on -- I'll come in again.

i cut for angst and pitifulness. )

oh dear.

Jan. 4th, 2010 08:33 pm
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This morning I spilled a glass of water on my macbook. If I were to ask a magic eight ball whether it will ever turn on again, it would say: "Outlook not so good." (No, I don't back up my work. Why do you ask?)

I think I might jump off a cliff.
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Oh, the drama. Oh, the heartbreak.

It may be many days before I see you again, my loves, but please - tell me of the joyful (livejournal) sounds which I have missed, and whose absence pains me so greatly.


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For some reason most likely related to my own incompetence, I am unable to reply to reviews on my Teaspoon account. I'm signed in, but it won't even give me the option of responding.

I'm missing something really obvious, aren't I?

This is particularly troublesome because someone has asked me about the original source of the following bit from But Broken Lights:

“If I sleep, the sun might set.” His voice began to shake. “I know it will one day — will set and never rise again, that’s the way of stars..."

And I'm fairly sure that it is, for once, something I actually came up with all on my lonesome. Or, at least, I think it is. I googled it and all I got was some random Elvis-related nonsense. Nevertheless...

Did I steal it? And if I did, from where?

Jiminy Crickets. I am such a hack.


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