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And that's all I have to say about that.
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I have two strange new addictions: Inception fic, and a choose-your-own-adventure sort of game called Echo Bazaar. I'm amazed by the quality of the fic that's been written in the short time since the movie's release, though perhaps I shouldn't be -- if ever a movie was destined to give birth to a fandom, it was Inception. (And Star Wars, I guess. But never mind that.) Arthur/Ariadne is my poison of choice, but I'm enjoying all sorts of pairings and not-pairings. Perhaps I shall do a rec list? Perhaps.

Echo Bazaar, on the other hand, sort of surprised me, as I've never played a game like this before and I wouldn't have thought I'd get so attached to it so quickly. I'm not sure how to describe it, so I'm stealing a quote from this rather informative website:

"Echo Bazaar is a web-based card game set in the heart of Fallen London, 'a short boat-ride from Hell'. As soon as you log in, there is an otherwordly feeling, despite the almost familiar descriptions of London. You are surrounded by the neutral dark colors of the ‘Neath with the simple words at the top of your screen: Welcome, delicious friend.

On the surface, it is a simple turn-based role-playing game with quirky text. But that doesn’t begin to describe Echo Bazaar."

I made myself a Twitter account just to play this. That's how much fun it is. I'm rosa_acicularis on Twitter and in the game; you should come play with me in Fallen London, and we will become master thieves together and drink fungal wine.

(It's better than it sounds.)
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This is an entry containing two things:

Thing 1: Angst.

Thing 2: Pitifulness.

Thing 3: Charm.

No, that's three things. Hold on -- I'll come in again.

i cut for angst and pitifulness. )
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Guess who just got her internet back?

*shuffles feet*
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Like, now, please.

Still without wireless at the old homestead, and, after a month or so of deprivation, have been weaned from my addiction. No, really. I think that I may no longer be obsessed with Doctor Who

This is not an acceptable situation. )

oh my god.

Aug. 26th, 2008 01:35 pm
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I am online for the first time in a week. I think I may faint.

So. What did I miss?

(Or should I say: where's the fic, yo?)
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Oh, the drama. Oh, the heartbreak.

It may be many days before I see you again, my loves, but please - tell me of the joyful (livejournal) sounds which I have missed, and whose absence pains me so greatly.


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Last night in a brief moment of insanity, I showed my mother the lolcat Bible. After a good deal of explanation and some discussion of basic lolgrammar, she decided it was amusing, not blasphemous. Ever since, our conversations have taken on an odd quality:

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For some reason most likely related to my own incompetence, I am unable to reply to reviews on my Teaspoon account. I'm signed in, but it won't even give me the option of responding.

I'm missing something really obvious, aren't I?

This is particularly troublesome because someone has asked me about the original source of the following bit from But Broken Lights:

“If I sleep, the sun might set.” His voice began to shake. “I know it will one day — will set and never rise again, that’s the way of stars..."

And I'm fairly sure that it is, for once, something I actually came up with all on my lonesome. Or, at least, I think it is. I googled it and all I got was some random Elvis-related nonsense. Nevertheless...

Did I steal it? And if I did, from where?

Jiminy Crickets. I am such a hack.

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Y'all may or may not remember my ranty 'the Doctor has feelings, too, dammit!' meta from a week or so ago,, I read something else that sparked my inner rage-filled fan girl. (Actually, it isn't so much rage as a vague discontent, peppered with sporadic grumpiness and the occasional longing for an ice cream sandwich.)

Only, this time I've decided to throw aside my dependence upon rhetoric and indiscriminate verbosity and instead communicate my thoughts through a new medium.

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what's your ture name?
Your Result: Anna

Dark and soulful you are your own person and you have your own style.You have a select number of close freinds that you talk to.Loves to draw and wright poetry.Free thinking and thinks deeply for hours at a time.

what's your ture name?
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Yes, I'm procrastinating. What of it? (And yes, my freinds - I believe the common spelling would be 'true' rather than the more archaic 'ture'. Still, we must soldier on, mustn't we?)
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Thanks to [personal profile] frenchroast and her internet wandering skills, I've become obsessed with This.

He's a leather-clad umbrella-wielding paranormal investigator for the 21st century. She's a high-kicking snooty advertising executive with an evil twin sister. They fight crime!

He's a suicidal Jewish astronaut haunted by an iconic dead American confidante. She's a ditzy tomboy socialite with a knack for trouble. They fight crime!

The plots of my first two novels right there, people. Now I can take the rest of the day off.

(I'm thinking Alexander Hamilton for the iconic dead American confidante. Any thoughts?)


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