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1. Watched Sherlock last night. I am: as desperately in love with Martin Freeman as ever, simultaneously creeped out and enthralled by  Sherlock himself, and annoyed with Moffat for a) being occasionally completely amazing, b) being occasionally completely infuriating, and c) DISTRACTING ME FROM BOTH THESE QUALITIES BY STEALING FROM HIS OWN DAMN SCRIPTS. AGAIN. And Princess Bride, but that's a rant for another entry.

2. Will probably see Inception for the fourth (4th) time tomorrow, officially making me the craziest crazy in the bunch. (In my defense, I've only actually paid for the movie myself once. As if this makes me somehow less nutty.) The awesomeness of that movie increases tenfold every time you watch it. True story.

3. As you may or may not know, I live in fear of meeting famous people I admire (see: the time I met Laurie R. King/Alice Hoffman/Henry Winkler and shamed myself and my ancestors through sheer dorkitudinal enthusiasm) but I work in a fairly swank store in a city that's seeing more and more action of the filmic sort, so I was somewhat prepared when I met GINA FREAKIN' BELLMAN yesterday. I kept my insanity under control until I was ringing her up, and then I said, "Sorry, I don't mean to be obnoxious, but I'm a huge Leverage fan." She just sort of blinked at me, Britishly, and said, "That's nice. We're almost done filming." And I said: "Cool." And then we talked about organic cotton baby carriers.

I did not ask her if she thought Stephen Moffat was a misogynist, but it did occur to me.

4. Will someone please throw things at my head until I finish this fic? I have hit the Misery Point. (Definition: The point at which a story, which was such a delight to begin, turns into actual work that requires actual effort. The Misery Point.)
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This is an entry containing two things:

Thing 1: Angst.

Thing 2: Pitifulness.

Thing 3: Charm.

No, that's three things. Hold on -- I'll come in again.

i cut for angst and pitifulness. )
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Here are the top seven things I have not posted about lately, because I am contrary and strange:

1. Five months ago I woke up one morning and found that I hate my job. But every daydream about quitting leads to thoughts like, "But it's full time, and I have dental," and "Even if I managed to get another job, it'd just be more retail," and "Jesus Christ, I'm wasting my youth upselling Dan Brown novels," and then I just cry myself to sleep and start the whole process again the next morning.

2. I think I might apply to the University of Oregon MFA program in creative writing. They have a 4% acceptance rate. I'm going to have to give them a writing sample that isn't fan fic. I am paralyzed by fear.

3. Since September I've written 25,000 words of Merlin fic, and I am still hopelessly in love with this story. It's all I want to think about, all the time.

4. I was Albert Einstein for Halloween. It was awesome.

5. I just read Virginia Woolf's Room of One's Own, and I remembered why she is my favorite person of all time. Now I'm reading E.M. Forster's notes for a similar lecture, and while I love him dearly, he keeps making snarky comments about my Ginny. THIS IS NOT ACCEPTABLE, FORSTER. DON'T MAKE ME COME DOWN THERE.

6. I bought the new Brandi Carlile CD the other day, and it is my new favorite thing.

7. Glee was preempted tonight for the STUPID WORLD SERIES. Whatever, Yankees. I want singing and dancing. Are you going you going to give me singing and dancing and fake pregnancies?

I thought not.
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This is the job I think I should have:

I would like a career that consisted solely of going up to complete strangers and saying things like, OH MY GOD I JUST WATCHED THIS TV SHOW ABOUT WIZARDS AND DESTINY AND A DRAGON AND IT IS THE BEST THING EVER YOU SHOULD WATCH IT OH MY GOD.

And then I would walk away.

I'm in a random sort of mood, aren't I? )
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I am totally going to write a YA novel about a century-old vampire chick and her high school misadventures.

No, seriously. Just watch me. Move over, Meyer. It's my turn to brainwash the kiddies now, and I'm going to do it with feminism.

(Yes, the Breaking Dawn release party broke my soul. Why do you ask?)
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Hey, lady!

Yes, mysterious voice?

What you been readin'?

How convenient that you should ask, mysterious voice, because it just so happens to be time for...

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Today was my first day assigned to the DVD section of the store, which has until now been a complete mystery to me. I did all my training on the book floor; I was a little concerned that I wouldn't be able to find anything and would just sort of generally look like a noob. I wandered around nervously for a while, and then, from the ether, a customer appeared:

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Today...oh, today.

Not yet noon and already my life seems a much different thing.

By tonight, I'll be (mostly) moved into my new house, with my new housemate.

And as of...let's see, thirty minutes ago, I am the newest employee at the downtown Portland Borders Music and Books. I've gone corporate, everyone! Aren't you just brimming with pride?

And now it's back to packing I go. Hi ho, hi ho...


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