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More procrastination! Stolen from two excellent dudettes, [ profile] eponymous_rose and [ profile] tardis_stowaway. Gnarly!

(Gnarly is good, right? It's hard to be hip with the kids, these days.)

1. Open up your music player. Hit shuffle.
2. Record the first few lines of the first thirty songs that come up that do not give away the name of the song. Skip instrumentals, but don't skip the embarrassing ones.
3. Make hapless LJ denizens guess the song names and artists. Google is cheating. For musical songs, the name of the musical is acceptable in place of the artist.
4. Least hapless LJ denizen wins admiration. That's right, just like a lobbyist in budget season, the points don't matter.


and now a second cut, because LJ is being an ass. )
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Waiting for New New Who to download. Twitching with anticipation. Writing a post.

Thanks to a recommendation from the wonderful and wise [ profile] pendrecarc, in the past week or so I've devoured Terry Pratchett's young adult series about a young Discworld witch named Tiffany Aching, and am now wholly consumed by a renewed love of all things Pratchett. So I'm embarking on a reread of (hopefully) all the Discworld books, starting at the very beginning. The very beginning, of course, being the not-quite-wizard Rincewind and his adventures in cowardice and terrible bad luck, which I haven't read since I was about thirteen and never actually liked in the first place. But I am determined to do a proper reread, wizards and all, and I will not skip ahead to Wyrd Sisters, no matter how much I might want to. I've just finished The Color of Magic last night and am about fifty pages into The Light Fantastic, which is already a considerable improvement, so maybe Rincewind and I will make it through unscathed.

Here's a thought, though: Why doesn't every fandom have at least one good Discworld AU fic? Or does every fandom have one and I just haven't noticed? Because there's absolutely no reason why there shouldn't be at least fifteen fics in which Sherlock is a wizard ostracized from Unseen University who's constantly badgering worldweary Captain Lestrade of the City Watch as he attempts to solve the crimes of the Ankh-Morporkian underworld.

Mycroft as Lord Vetinari's right hand man? John the Igor sharing a cup of tea with his BFF Death? Sherlock vs. Granny Weatherwax?

Ankh-Morpork fits particularly well with Sherlock, I think, but it's not like there aren't plenty of other places on the Discworld that would fit with plenty of other fandoms. Strangely, though, I can't think of what I'd do with a Doctor Who/Discworld fusion, which somewhat disproves my Doctor Who Can Be Crossed Over With Anything theory.

Hmm. This I shall have to ponder.
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Three Things:

1) On the George R.R. Martin shelves at Powell's there's an employee note that says, "If you're just starting this series now, I call bandwagon." And yet, yesterday I carried my copy of A Clash of Kings to the register with pride. I watched the show, and now I'm reading the books. I am a sheep. A happy, happy sheep who needs a t-shirt that says Arya Stark is My King. Or something. Yay for the bandwagon; the bandwagon is awesome.

2) For the last few weeks I've been getting an obscene number of spam comments on both this journal and my now mostly abandoned [ profile] rosa_writes journal. Like, three or four a day. Are we under some sort of livejournal-wide Abercrombie and Fitch ad attack? Other than forbidding anonymous comments/popped collars, is there anything I can do to stop it?

3) My new favorite person is Laura Marling, a young singer-songwritery type with an eerie, mythic vibe that delights and enthralls. Rock out to this little ditty:

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So [ profile] pendrecarc (who is an awesome person) is doing an interview series for the female character focused Holmesian comm [ profile] furtherinterest (which is an awesome comm) and if you go here (for livejournal, which is occasionally awesome) or here (for dreamwidth, which I rarely use but still find pretty awesome) you can read the questions she asked me, and the answers I gave. I think her summary says it best: 

The author of "The Anatomist" bares all!

Her COMPLICATED RELATIONSHIP with rough drafts...!
The Sherlock fic she's PANTING TO READ...and
A TANTALISING GLIMPSE into her current WIP!!!

Meanwhile, your intrepid moderator tries very hard to pretend this is an episode of "Fresh Air", and by a supreme effort of willpower the conversation does not devolve into Laurie R. King fangirling and odes to Peter Wimsey's monocle.

It is actually very much like an episode of Fresh Air, I think, only with more discussion of sociopathy, genderswap, magic, and what a weird dude Arthur Conan Doyle was. Basically, there is awesomeness. Oh, and a number of unfortunate attempts on my part to be witty and/or insightful. The and is the worst. Oh boy, that and.

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Dearest Flist,

I don't say this often enough, but: You are marvelous today.

Shine on, you crazy diamonds.
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So you guys may or may not have noticed, but I suck at finishing WIPs. (Should really be WsIP, I suppose, but that's just ridiculous. WIPs it is.) Part of my problem is that in the last two years or so I've become entirely unable to keep stories within the scope in which I originally conceive them - they just get longer and longer, and while I always promise myself I'll wait until they're complete to start posting, the truth is I probably wouldn't post anything at all if I held myself to that. Component Parts is a good example - for the two months or so while I was working on that fic on a daily basis, I was still totally consumed by all things Star Trek. But you know what happened? Two months went by and the fic was getting more and more ambitious, and I suddenly all I wanted to think about was Arthurian legend and this absurdly epic Merlin fic I'd started by accident one night. That turned into The Goose Girl, which while technically complete was meant to be followed by two more stories of equal length all about Arthur becoming king and Merlin finding out that Bess was Nimueh and then the whole Lady of the Lake Mordred insanity, and oh I had such plans. Then I started a little Journey's End fic called Tomorrow Is a Long Time, and I was off again.

So. If you're curious (and even if you aren't, which is more likely) here's a rundown of my WsIP file, and those fics that I expect to emerge from it, blinking into the light, and those which will probably rot there, dessicated and forgotten. Yummy.

WIPs, or: fics you've forgotten you ever read, which was probably for the best, really. )
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A question meme, stolen from many, many people. I found it oddly soothing. But then, I find American Idol soothing these days, so I'm clearly not at the top of my game, so to speak. 

01. Make a list of 5 things you can see without getting up.
My dog, who is staring at me as if he can see the inside of my skull. The white beech trees outside my window. The dead light bulb in my reading lamp. My mother's dog, who is staring at my dog like she can see the inside of his skull. My feet.   

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You know how I feel about the Doctor. You know that he is the butter to my bread. The salt to my pepper. The Cher to my Sonny. I love the Doctor, in every incarnation, and yet still I say unto you:

My adoration of Dana Scully is the reason I first discovered fandom all those many years ago, and while Fandom March Madness may be silly, I feel like it's an excellent opportunity to prove that there's more to fandom than just a collective fascination with misanthropic white dudes who have sex with other, slightly less misanthropic white dudes. So I'm stumping for Dana Scully, Troy Barnes, Kelly Kapoor, Leslie Knope, CJ Cregg, Annie Sawyer, Olivia Dunham, and Caroline "Vampire Barbie" Forbes.

In short, Vote Scully. You know the Doctor would want you to.
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Originally posted by [ profile] rosefox at "My body hijacked"
It's been a long time since we had disposable funds for charity donations, but today I dipped into savings to send a donation to Planned Parenthood, because the House of Representatives just voted to completely defund it. Oh, and they want to completely eliminate Title X family planning funding, too.

Keep in mind that the Hyde Amendment already banned clinics from receiving federal funding for abortion. So the only goal here is to keep people from accessing family planning services, cancer screenings, birth control, HIV tests, and other life-saving and life-changing medical assistance.

There's no upside to this. It's just wrong. And in small and rural communities, it could be a disaster.

We can certainly hope that the Senate will do the right thing and refuse to pass these terrible bills. In the meantime, please stand with Planned Parenthood. At the very least, sign their letter to the House and the Senate. If you can, make a donation--even just a small one. Soon we may be the only source of funds they have.

And please, please spread the word. Women, men, teens too! Men and boys benefit from PP's services too: directly through things like HIV tests and free condoms, and indirectly through having happier, healthier female partners, relatives, and friends. It's too easy for people to dismiss this as "ladybusiness", or to shy away from talking about that icky S-E-X stuff. Please don't let that happen. Speak up for reproductive health services, and keep speaking up for as long as it takes.

There's a rally in New York next Saturday. I'm planning to go if I can get away from work for long enough. Join us if you can.

You can leave a comment on the Dreamwidth version of this entry if you like. The current comment count is comment count unavailable.

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I have loved a lot of television shows in my time, but tonight, watching last week's episode of Community - this is the first time I have ever loved a show so intensely that I think I might actually be physically ill.

This is probably because it's after midnight and I couldn't laugh nearly as loudly as this episode physically requires without waking everyone up, but SWEET JESUS, my stomach hurts and my head aches and really, I almost burst into tears at one point, so intense was my adoration for every fucking hilarious second of this show. My knowledge of Dungeons and Dragons is practically nil, but this ep perfectly captured so many things I love about Community - its optimism and insanity and its transcendent delight in the wonder and power of the human imagination. It proves week after week that friendship is one of most engaging and undervalued relationships in television, and I DON'T EVEN KNOW ANYMORE I AM JUST ECSTATIC AND FILLED WITH JOY FOR ALL THINGS.

I really need to do love!posts for all the amazing television I've seen recently - Community, The Good Wife, Parks and Recreation, Being Human (UK), Fringe - but every time I think about it I become paralyzed by pure, manic enthusiasm. 

In short: If you are not watching Community, do. It will make you so happy you will throw up a little in your mouth.    
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I went to the grocery store this morning, and as I left I stopped to hold the door for an elderly woman who was coming in. She was walking pretty quickly despite the cane she carried - or not so much quickly, I suppose, but with a sort of ease and intensity of purpose that resembled speed. She had white, short-cropped hair and wore a striped sweater beneath her open coat, and when she walked past she gave me an absent-minded, what-a-nice-young-person smile, polite despite the fact that she was obviously distracted by her thoughts.

And as I smiled back I realized that I'd just seen what Martin Freeman's John Watson would look like as an awesome little old lady.

I hope she didn't have too much trouble with the chip-and-pin machine automatic checkout.

Feed the ego-beast, or better yet - tame it with some concrit. Or just plain ol' crit. Whatever floats, so to speak, your boat. My thread is here.
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Because I'm very much in a Doctor Who sort of mood today, here's my first three responses from this meme. The others will follow shortly.

I got a bit carried away on these. Feel free to poke me if I sound too pretentious absurd quietly brilliant.

thoughts on the Ninth Doctor, the Tenth, and one Rose Marion Tyler. )
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Stolen from the ever-fantastic [ profile] earlgreytea68:

Pick a character and I will give and explain the top five ideas/concepts/etc I keep in mind while writing that character that I believe are essential to accurately depicting them. Any and all characters welcome (including ones I haven't written but might know about...)

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This is the second entry in a row I'm posting while intoxicated; I swear I am not becoming a lush. It is the holidays, and during the holidays I make brief escapes from social obligations to post nonsense on LJ. BECAUSE I HATE PEOPLE.

Aside from you guys, obviously.

a fandom meme in which I give at least three conflicting answers to every question. because that is my way. )

HAPPY 2011, EVERYONE. Remember: the world ends next year - let's make this a good one.

ETA: It is tradition to include a list of the year's fics in a post like this, isn't it? Not my most productive year, obviously, but here goes:

In Good Spirits - Doctor Who, Doctor/Rose
Girl of Steel - Doctor Who/Superman fusion, Doctor/Rose
Tomorrow Is a Long Time - Doctor Who, Doctor/Rose
finis principium est - Doctor Who, Doctor/Rose, character death
Bibliophilia - Doctor Who, Doctor/Rose
As Told By - Doctor Who/Wizard of Oz fusion.

The Goose Girl - Merlin, gen fic.
Interlude, With Rain - Star Trek Reboot, Spock/Uhura
The Anatomist - Sherlock, Creepy/Wrong
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Merry not-quite-Christmas-anymore, folks! I hope those that celebrate had a wonderful holiday, and that those who don't experienced an above-average Saturday.

ALSO THERE WAS DOCTOR WHO AND IT WAS GORGEOUS IN CASE YOU DIDN'T NOTICE. OH, SHOW. Just when I think I'm out, you pull me back in. By my ankles. And you make me like it.

this is brief, spoilerish, and a little drunk. )

This post has been brought to you by two glasses of heavily-spiked eggnog. Don't drink and macro, kids.
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I am a sniffly cold person with a sniffly cold, so I stole this old fic meme from [ profile] eponymous_rose. And then I sneezed on it. The end.

Gosh. What an exciting story.

vanity, thy name is meeeeeme.  )

Also, I'll do that 'answering questions about fic and stuff' meme that's been going around lately. Unless no one has any questions -- in that case, I refuse to answer them.
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Originally posted by [ profile] thelake at Purple Wednesday

It’s been decided. On October 20th, 2010, we will wear purple in honor of the 6 gay boys who committed suicide in recent weeks/months due to homophobic abuse in their homes and at their schools. Purple represents Spirit on the LGBTQ flag and that’s exactly what we’d like all of you to have with you: spirit. Please know that times will get better and that you will meet people who will love you and respect you for who you are, no matter your sexuality. Please wear purple on October 20th. Tell your friends, family, co-workers, neighbors and schools.

RIP Tyler Clementi, Seth Walsh
RIP Justin Aaberg, Raymond Chase
RIP Asher Brown and Billy Lucas

REBLOG to spread a message of love, unity and peace.

- original post by [ profile] neo_prodigy

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Look into My Id.

This is such a fun idea for a meme, I couldn't help but spread it around. To quote: "Now, some writers embrace their id and write it all out there, and that can be a fabulous thing. Self-awareness FTW. But often when I'm reading a fic I find myself wanting to tap the author and say, "Pardon me, did you know your id is showing?"

So, a couple of us got to wondering what our fics revealed about us. Hence this anonymeme. Are our ids showing?"

Link takes you to my comment. Please, be scathingly honest. ;)
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Requested by [ profile] harpinred many, many moons ago.

Warning: This is pretty silly and pointless, even for me. You've been warned.

Sins of the Flesh )


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