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A few members of my flist over at [ profile] rosa_writes were kind enough to give me some fic prompts the other day (hi, guys!), the challenge being to prompt me with a fic idea that I would probably never otherwise write. Eight people prompted me; these are the first four fics. Well, it's a bit more like three small scenes from hypothetical larger fics and one decent-sized ficlet that ate my brain. The other four ficlets should follow shortly. here there be some very small fics. )
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"They say a good man can't get elected president. I don't believe that. Do you?"
- Leo McGarry, The West Wing
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Here's a little walk down memory lane for anyone curious about my past in the West Wing fandom. This was one of the last Josh/Donna fics I wrote, and is therefore slightly less embarrassing than the others.

But only slightly.

As I said, it's Josh/Donna. Rated All Ages (though there's a bit of strongish language), and set pre-series.

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Now that I've recovered from the explosion of the flist that was Doctor Who Episode Nine, it's totally time for metaness! Metaocity? Metatasticality?

Yeah, whatever.

Look at how much we've learned today! I'm very pleased with our progress.

Moar questions?
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I have become fiercely discerning in my fan fic reading of late. When I first started in the DW fandom all those many months ago (I had never seen a episode of Doctor Who until this past January. This is almost inconceivable to me now.)  I read almost anything I could get my grubby little hands on.  Now, one reference to someone's "chocolate brown orbs" (meaning, ahem, eyes) and I am out of there.

Which is harsh and terribly judgmental of me (and maybe just the teeniest bit hypocritical) but sometimes life is just too precious and fleeting to read something in which Rose has the vocabulary of a particularly slow nine-year-old and has to constantly ask the Doctor what that big ol' word means, because any word in the English language of more than two syllables won't fit inside her gorgeous, goddess-like little head.


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