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I have just made contact with the WORLD'S BIGGEST SPIDER. And by "contact" I mean "smashed the crap out of it with my boot while sobbing like a frightened child." Before I got up the nerve to squish it I stared at it in horror for about half an hour, completely unable to believe the size of it, and now I am seeing phantom spiders everywhere, like when you stare at a light bulb for too long and you can see the light even after you close your eyes.


Also, I feel really guilty about killing it, as it was obviously some sort of spider king (spider god?) and now I am responsible for the fall of an entire spider civilization, and anyway it was sort of beautiful in a completely terrifying way, and I generally frown on killing living things just because they creep you out, but SERIOUSLY. This thing would have munched on my head as I slept. It was that big.

(It is still big, only now it is dead and big. People, I have killed Aragog and made Hagrid cry. I am a horrible person.)

In a completely unrelated matter, I am about 5,000 words into a Merlin fic (I know, I know) and if anyone on my flist actually, you know, watches that show (which is awesome, and you should) I could use a second opinion/betay thing. I promise not to yell at you about spiders if you're interested.

Well. Not much, anyway.

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I am tipsy with pre-birthday booze, snuggled in an armchair by the wood stove (a wood stove in a log cabin, and a log cabin on the side of a mountain, a mountain under the stars), and I'm writing fan fic.

Life is really quite lovely, sometimes, isn't it?

Also, there's a little lost bat chirping in the eaves just over my head. I've got a butterfly net ready for when he emerges, and I shall return him to the night whence he came. "Be free, my cheeld-ren of the niiiight!"

*has seen Dracula a few too many times*

(I would continue by quoting that immortal (hee) line: "I never"  However, given my current condition, that would be a patent untruth.)


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