Sep. 25th, 2010 03:53 pm
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Much to my amazement, I am completely in love with today's episode of Merlin. I was dreading it, actually considered not watching it at all, but I'm so glad I did. I can't remember the last time I enjoyed this show so much.

incoherent, spoiler-filled rambling about Goblin's Gold )
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Two commentaries promised in this meme! I quite enjoyed doing these, brief as they are, and I'd be happy to do more. Though after these you might all wash your hands of me; it's hard to say.

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In other news, I've been compulsively listening to Bowie's Life on Mars on repeat for the last two hours, and every two minutes or so I get intensely teary and emotional about SAM TYLER and GENE HUNT and THAT BEAUTIFUL SHOW. In a few minutes I intend to switch over to Ashes to Ashes and OH ALEX DRAKE I LOVE YOU LIKE BREATHING.

I might be a little premenstrual. Just a smidge. 
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1. Watched Sherlock last night. I am: as desperately in love with Martin Freeman as ever, simultaneously creeped out and enthralled by  Sherlock himself, and annoyed with Moffat for a) being occasionally completely amazing, b) being occasionally completely infuriating, and c) DISTRACTING ME FROM BOTH THESE QUALITIES BY STEALING FROM HIS OWN DAMN SCRIPTS. AGAIN. And Princess Bride, but that's a rant for another entry.

2. Will probably see Inception for the fourth (4th) time tomorrow, officially making me the craziest crazy in the bunch. (In my defense, I've only actually paid for the movie myself once. As if this makes me somehow less nutty.) The awesomeness of that movie increases tenfold every time you watch it. True story.

3. As you may or may not know, I live in fear of meeting famous people I admire (see: the time I met Laurie R. King/Alice Hoffman/Henry Winkler and shamed myself and my ancestors through sheer dorkitudinal enthusiasm) but I work in a fairly swank store in a city that's seeing more and more action of the filmic sort, so I was somewhat prepared when I met GINA FREAKIN' BELLMAN yesterday. I kept my insanity under control until I was ringing her up, and then I said, "Sorry, I don't mean to be obnoxious, but I'm a huge Leverage fan." She just sort of blinked at me, Britishly, and said, "That's nice. We're almost done filming." And I said: "Cool." And then we talked about organic cotton baby carriers.

I did not ask her if she thought Stephen Moffat was a misogynist, but it did occur to me.

4. Will someone please throw things at my head until I finish this fic? I have hit the Misery Point. (Definition: The point at which a story, which was such a delight to begin, turns into actual work that requires actual effort. The Misery Point.)
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I just finished the second series of Being Human last night, and I am completely, hopelessly in love. I've watched so much amazing television lately, and been surprised and impressed by a number of shows I was sure I wouldn't like: Vampire Diaries and True Blood being two perfect examples. I know a lot of people are frustrated or otherwise generally unimpressed by the recent vampire pop culture resurgence, but aside from the obvious example (*cough*Edward Assface Cullen*cough*) the various mythologies of werewolves and vampires make for some awesome television. 

I don't think it's an exaggeration to say that Being Human is by far the best of the bunch. Part of what I love about British television is how deliberate the storytelling can be - partly, I think, due to the length of the seasons/series. The average American show has 22 episodes in one season; for even very good shows, that usually makes for an awful lot of filler. The first series of Being Human  has six episodes, the second eight, and every single one of them forwards the story of these three remarkable characters and their struggle with - appropriately enough - being human. It has an episode-to-episode focus and intensity you would almost never find in an American series, and while I'm elated that there's going to be a third series, I also have confidence that the show will end well, when the story demands it.

Blather blather blather. The real point of this post is, of course: BUT WHERE IS THE DECENT FAN FICTION, HUH? Annie/George/Mitchell OT3 practically writes itself, I should think, and I can imagine any number of fascinating pairings: Mitchell/George, Annie/Tea, Nina/Ten, Mitchell/the universe, Mitchell/Annie, and maybe even Annie/any dude who won't try to kill or sexually assault her.

Oh, all-knowing flist. Where is the fic?
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Day Five: A Show You Hate.

Like most people, I really don't bother with shows I dislike long enough to actually hate them. The Bachelor, on the other hand, draws me in once every few years through a combination of circumstance and masochistic fascination. I've had a number of roommates over the years -- in high school, college, and after -- who were devoted to the show, and it sucked me in even as it infuriated me.

I probably don't need to explain to anyone on my flist why this show is disgusting. I hate any reality show that relies on the cat fight for so much of its drama, that misogynist's wet dream that reassures its audience that 1) competition between women always devolves into childish, bitchy tantrums, and 2) it's okay to look down on, slut-shame, and hate women because women hate each other. And all of this heartbreak and emotion and tears, over a man these women hardly know! The show invites you to ridicule even the nicest and most sympathetic of these women (because while they deliberately cast the crazies to incite drama and the aforementioned cat fights, they also include just enough sane, intelligent, likable women to make the crazies stand out), because that's the not-so-secret appeal of most reality TV -- to make the viewer feel superior to the people they're watching. I watch The Bachelor and I think, "Well, I'll never wear a bikini on national television, but at least I'm not a romantically desperate psycho-bitch slut." I hate that voice in my head. I hate it, and I hate that this brings out in me a latent sexism (and thus, a latent self-hatred) that I find so horrific in others.

I swear to god, women are better than this. Women are better than this, men are better than this, and love is better than this. We have to be.
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I know I'm just about the last person on the block to do this meme, but I've decided that I'm ready to commit to this month-long expression of my television love. So, Day One: A Show That Should Never Have Been Canceled.

Picture this: The woefully underused nutbar Jeremy Piven and the brilliant but Show Killing Paula Marshall in the ultimate Romantic Comedy/Greek Mythology Mash Up, created by Veronica Mar's Rob Thomas and featuring a genius parade of Hey, It's That Guy! That Guy From That Thing! I Love That Guy! guest stars, including Tom DeKay, Patrick Fabian, Sherilyn Fenn, Harry Groener, Joe Flanigan, Marc Vann, and mother-freaking LISA LOEB. (I was thirteen years old when this show first aired in 1998, and all I wanted in life was to be Lisa Loeb. Yes, I know.)

That show you just pictured? That was Cupid.

have a beautiful train wreck. )

oh boy.

May. 29th, 2010 09:19 pm
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Ashes to Ashes ate my soul.

(And my already tenuous relationship with reality.)
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So my computer is dead. I went through all the recommended stages of mourning (is pouting a stage? I think it must be) and have come out the other side a better, wiser person. My mother, in her infinite goodness, has lent me her shiny new PC that she never uses because "the mouse feels funny" which is code for "I'm just really sick of all the pouting." So I have a temporary replacement computer until I can buy a new one - which, of course, I'll only be able to do if I get a new job. A new job that pays about 12 times better than my old one. C'est la vie.

Thanks again, guys, for all your wonderful, supportive comments on my last, rather miserable entry. You guys were incredibly helpful on the job hunting, computer, and cheering up fronts, and I can't thank you enough.

On a happier note:

Television serial killers and why being unemployed gives you an excellent opportunity to get to know them better. A special spoiler-free edition. )
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1) Dollhouse is, of course, canceled, which explains why I have finally fallen in love with it. FML.

2) I watched Waters of Mars with my mother tonight. It was my second time watching the ep, and I liked it so much more this time. Perhaps my expectations were too high the first time? Or maybe I'm experiencing a true Who resurgence. Either way, my feelings about the first forty minutes or so of the episode were entirely different. (And now I'm freaking out about the regeneration for the first time since we heard the news. Fabulous.)

3) Not all is sadness and gloom - after all, Ellenore won So You Think You Can Dance! Oh. Wait. NO SHE DIDN'T.

4) I watched SyFy's Alice, and it totally didn't suck, which I find very confusing. That said, it lacked a certain degree of madness that I feel must be restored via fic. (Yes, that is my primary complaint - no one was crazy enough for me. But then, so few people are.)

5) I've posted four of the eight prompts from the fics I would never write meme. Writing them has really helped with the creative constipation, and I wanted to thank you guys for giving them to me. So - THANK YOU. You make me so much happier than Fox, regeneration, So You Think You Can Dance, or crazy people ever could. 
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Here are the top seven things I have not posted about lately, because I am contrary and strange:

1. Five months ago I woke up one morning and found that I hate my job. But every daydream about quitting leads to thoughts like, "But it's full time, and I have dental," and "Even if I managed to get another job, it'd just be more retail," and "Jesus Christ, I'm wasting my youth upselling Dan Brown novels," and then I just cry myself to sleep and start the whole process again the next morning.

2. I think I might apply to the University of Oregon MFA program in creative writing. They have a 4% acceptance rate. I'm going to have to give them a writing sample that isn't fan fic. I am paralyzed by fear.

3. Since September I've written 25,000 words of Merlin fic, and I am still hopelessly in love with this story. It's all I want to think about, all the time.

4. I was Albert Einstein for Halloween. It was awesome.

5. I just read Virginia Woolf's Room of One's Own, and I remembered why she is my favorite person of all time. Now I'm reading E.M. Forster's notes for a similar lecture, and while I love him dearly, he keeps making snarky comments about my Ginny. THIS IS NOT ACCEPTABLE, FORSTER. DON'T MAKE ME COME DOWN THERE.

6. I bought the new Brandi Carlile CD the other day, and it is my new favorite thing.

7. Glee was preempted tonight for the STUPID WORLD SERIES. Whatever, Yankees. I want singing and dancing. Are you going you going to give me singing and dancing and fake pregnancies?

I thought not.
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This is the job I think I should have:

I would like a career that consisted solely of going up to complete strangers and saying things like, OH MY GOD I JUST WATCHED THIS TV SHOW ABOUT WIZARDS AND DESTINY AND A DRAGON AND IT IS THE BEST THING EVER YOU SHOULD WATCH IT OH MY GOD.

And then I would walk away.

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Jul. 23rd, 2009 10:24 pm
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I know I am never around these days, but I have a very, very important question to ask:

Where's the good Merlin fic, people? WHERE IS IT?

(In case you are wondering, I ship everyone/everyone. It is my OTP.)

ALSO: In Plain Sight is my new Best Show Ever, Slings & Arrows made me love Shakespeare again, and Leverage and Burn Notice and Star Trek and Harry Potter (AGAIN) and my head is so full of fannishness it may explode. So if anyone knows of any Mary/Marshall, Parker/Hardison, or Lupin/Tonks that they would like to share, please let me know. I miss fan fiction.

ALSO ALSO: further television babbling; Leverage related. )
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So I'm feeling pretty laid back about this whole OMG ELEVEN TOMORROW ELEVEN OMG deal. I'm curious and a little excited, but not as invested as I once was. (And if someone told you this is due to my sudden, inexplicable Stargate: Atlantis obsession, that was a dirty, dirty lie.) Despite my nonchalance, I would like to share my two favorite candidates: 

suspense! )
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Like, now, please.

Still without wireless at the old homestead, and, after a month or so of deprivation, have been weaned from my addiction. No, really. I think that I may no longer be obsessed with Doctor Who

This is not an acceptable situation. )
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Tagged ever-so-generously by [personal profile] mirageofmae. Yay!
1. List your top seven character ships
2. Put all of them in order of your love for them; 7 to 1, 1 being your main fixation.
3. Name the movie/show that they're in.
4. Supply photos for said people.
5. Tag seven people.

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I am desperate for Bones fic, but the idea of wading into a new fandom and all the badfic encounters that entails makes my blood run cold.

Anybody have any recommendations?


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